Charlotte and Daddy’s Trip

At the end of June, Chris took Charlotte to back his hometown to visit family. I was bummed to miss out on the fun, but Chris took lots of really great pictures and some cute videos, so I got to see what everyone was up to. They were only there from a Friday to Monday, but they managed to pack in a lot of adventure.

A trip out to his grandparents’ farm where Charlotte checked out the cows, played in the creek, and rode around in the gator.

DSC_0003(The brick house in the trees is where Grandma Pat lives!)

DSC_0025Looking cool with wind-blown hair and Grandma Pat’s shirt.

Later, she took a train ride through rural Boone Country, crossing the famous High Bridge over the Des Moines River.

DSC_0029Hanging out with Papa and her T-Rex in the train car.


Remember Kramer, the sweet horse Charlotte met last year?

This year, she was brave enough to take a ride!

DSC_0087Giddy up!


Kramer is the horse that started it all for Charlotte. What a gentle guy!


AND… before returning home, Nana took Charlotte to the Blank Park Zoo.


DSC_0138Baby Roo


DSC_0163Just a typical Charlotte face for you.


Thanks to Charlotte’s Iowa grandparents for such a fun weekend!






5 responses to “Charlotte and Daddy’s Trip

  1. Charlotte is so lucky to have a farm to visit! Looks like she had a fantastic time with Nana and Grandpa Ben. Great pics!

  2. Ooops, I mean Papa.

  3. Cutest cutie pie ever!

  4. LOL! Her face in that last pic. Just love her!

  5. your daughter is super cute.
    she looks alot like you.

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