Back in the Saddle


Anybody still there?

I’m back from a looong computer hiatus — 13 days I think. That’s the longest I’ve gone without blogging since I started this thing!

I didn’t mean to be absent for so long. We actually brought our computers to Colorado and I had every intention of at least posting once or twice quickly to share pictures from our trip. But, unlike last year, we didn’t have wireless in our condo. Actually, it was kind of nice disconnecting for a week. I probably should do it more often.

Now that I’m back, I have a lot of goodies to share!

Before we left for Colorado, we spent a couple of days at Grandma Amy and Bob’s house in Kelley. Bob’s sister owns a horse that lives at a stable only a few miles away, so we decided that Charlotte ought to have her first horseback riding experience.

This is Kramer. (As in, Cosmo Kramer.)

I am very gentle. Care for a ride?

As it turns out, Charlotte is not quite ready for horseback riding.

Um, I’d like to get down now. Thanks.

But she did enjoy petting Kramer’s soft face and feeding him apples from her hand. (Well, enjoy might be a strong word.)


As you might have noticed in the video, Charlotte was way more interested in the sweet dog and cat that were wandering around the place. When she called out, Nuh-nah,” she was calling to the dog, whom she affectionately referred to as Luna. When she sees a dog, most often she’ll either woof or say Nuh-nah (Luna). She plays favorites – poor Buddy doesn’t get a reference.

I should also mention that “Nu Nuuu” is the new “Neigh Neigh,” okay? Actually, nu isn’t too far off from a real horse sound. I guess my daughter must be too advanced for rudimentary onomatopoeias. That’s what we Dorans tell ourselves at least.

This picture is blurry, but I love the light.

Maybe Charlotte and I will have our own horses some day that we’ll ride together in the mornings on our own beautiful 10 acre property.

Sigh. A mama can dream.


5 responses to “Back in the Saddle

  1. Even better you can have constant access to a horse with no expense…and Kramer is constantly trained to be gentle with children!

  2. That is so cute….Charlotte feeding Kramer! What a sweet, gentle fellow!

  3. I have a totally irrational fear that all horses want to kick my teeth out…and all of that orthodontic work will have been a waste. I’ve had nightmares about it…so weird! I agree with Charlotte and would be wanting to hang out with the dog. Maybe I need to hang out with a sweet horse like Cosmo!

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