Someone get this blog a personal assistant!

To prove how disorganized my life has felt this fall, here are a couple of the last pictures I’ve uploaded from my camera to my computer, dated September 30.

just doing some light (bill) reading

just doing some light (bill) reading

galloping in her horse dress

galloping in her horse dress

well there's a special smile!

well there’s a special smile!

The shiner on her forehead was the result of a tantrum-induced stroller accident. Picture: child flopping out of her stroller and face planting on the sidewalk. Poor thing. (But I bet she learned her lesson.) (Also, parents learned the lesson of always strapping toddler into her stroller immediately, before tantrum ensues.) 

More ways I feel like a disorganized mess:

My dad’s birthday was September 30. We went home the weekend before to celebrate it with him but forgot to leave the card. That card (sealed in the addressed envelope) is still sitting on my kitchen table.


I still don’t have Charlotte’s Halloween costume ready. So far, she just has a hat. Considering that it is supposed to storm on Thursday night anyway, I’m thinking this might be okay?     


All this to say:

I do have updates that I want to share here, but I’m just a little behind on some other life aspects that probably take precedence. I’ll be back, though, with something good! Soon, I hope. Don’t give up on me yet!



7 responses to “Someone get this blog a personal assistant!

  1. Glad you’re doing well (even if you’re feeling disorganized!) 😀

  2. Take your time 🙂 hope that nasty bruise goes away soon.

  3. Wish I could trick or treat with the little sprout! Is she still planning on being a dinosaur for Halloween? If so, you’d better get crackin’! 🙂 And don’t fret over being disorganized…most mommy’s are! xoxo

  4. Face planting is not fun! I bet she’ll never forget that. Little darling!

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