Since Halloween was a doozy this year (bad weather, sick child), we missed out on trick-or-treating and all the accompanying festivities of the day. I bought Charlotte the cutest hat off Etsy (this one, in customizable colors), and I had great plans to make her little claw gloves and slipper paws. One look at the gloves I had picked out from Walmart and the answer was a clear no, however. But I did get her a blue hoodie and some felt to make spikes down the back. I’ll just have to get some pictures of her wearing it when I actually get around to sewing those spikes on. Wait, did I just say that out loud? 😉

Here are a few cute pictures that at least capture the Halloween spirit (a few days late). These were taken mid-October, but I forgot all about them for three weeks before I finally transferred them from our camera to computer. These shots are so very Charlotte.




On an semi-related note, I keep planning to post about Charlotte’s new day care situation. Yes, she is in day care full time now starting last week. That said, she’s only actually gone four days since she was sick three days last week. But we’re thrilled that she’s doing superbly so far! And I’ll write more about all that maybe later this week or this weekend. 

Toodles! (If I actually have any readers left!)


14 responses to “Faux-loween

  1. Hope Charlotte is feeling much better. So, since you ditched me last time…. When are we going to get together again??!?! 😉

  2. Of course you have followers! Keep blogging, honey! Such adorable pics, of course!

  3. Aw, so your old man got himself a job?

  4. These pics are ADORABLE and you’re right, they are so Charlotte! Love them!

  5. My daughter cracks me up! Haha! Glad the old man is employed and also happy Charlotte is enjoying daycare. Good news all around!

  6. My hubby had an accident at work so we missed trick-or-treating this year too. :/
    I LOVE her hair like that – SUPER cute!!

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