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The Rise & Fall of Frosty

Charlotte made a snowman with Chris last week just before our (hopefully last) snow all melted, and since I was at work and have only the pictures to look at to tell me the story, Chris is here to write about it! Here he is:

Katy and I have been feeling just a bit guilty for not taking Charlotte out into the snow more this winter. Part of it was the fact that snow usually had an icy crust on it, and part of it was the fact that we really never bought her proper snow boots! But if there is anything that a late March snow is good for, it’s making up for lost time and allowing us to build Charlotte’s first snowman!

Actually, it was her idea! We had just gotten off the bus after dropping the car at the shop, and I made her a snowball to play with. She carried it for an entire block in amazement. I finally convinced her to throw it, and after proudly jumping on it, she looked up at me and said, “Make Frosty!” Honestly, I was at least as excited as she was.

We practically ran home and stopped inside just long enough to switch into her cowgirl boots and grab the bag of old carrots from the trash that I had just thrown out the night before. And on the way to the front yard, we stopped in the garage to grab an old bag of charcoal briquettes. Basic snowman ingredients were in hand!


This was perfect snow. A little bit melty, so it balled up nicely (so nicely, in fact, that the entire snow blanket was coming up as we rolled, including the leaves underneath…). Charlotte didn’t show much interest in rolling the snow up, so I gave her a carrot and she walked around trying to jam it everywhere she could think of. By the time she finished helping me make the eyes, nose, and mouth, all she could think to do was go give Frosty a big warm hug! Talk about cute. This was the most fun we’ve had together outside the house since the fall, so glad I thought of it 😉



Sorry to make this confusing, but now it’s back to Katy writing again. Hi. We’ve now reached my part of the story.

I saw the snowman in our front/side yard when I came home from lunch and Charlotte was napping. I thought it was the cutest thing ever, and I couldn’t wait to hear her gush all about it to me later. When I got home for the day after school, Charlotte was actually still in bed but just waking up. I opened her bedroom door, and she immediately started telling me about her “Frosty.” She made him, she wanted to see him, and all that. I lifted her out of her crib and carried her over to the window that faces our side yard, where we’d be able to see her snowman. I stood her on the little bedside table in front of the window and pulled up the shade. This is what we saw:

Well, it's not exactly what we saw...

Well, it’s not exactly what we saw…

Oh boy. I totally did not notice that Frosty had been murdered when I was just outside less than five minutes earlier. And although it’s not clear in my awesome clay rendering of the crime scene, Frosty’s head was completely smashed, and his face had become a sad pile of carrot and coal. This was definitely a drive by shooting walk-by-smashing. And the suspects? Well, I can think of 800 potentials between the ages of 12 and 15. Do I think this was a hate crime? No, I think it was a love crime. Junior high kids loooove to act on impulse. Building a snowman that close to the sidewalk was like dangling a zebra in front of a hungry lion.

We stood there and stared for a minute before either of us made a sound. I was just waiting for the tears. Waiting, waiting….Yep, there are. She buried her head in my shoulder and let out a sob. My poor baby. At this point Chris had come in and saw the damage. Sometimes he really hates junior high kids.

I told her that Frosty melted in the sun like he did in the movie, and that he’ll be back again next year. That seemed to suffice because she dried her eyes and was ready to talk about all the good memories she had with her dear icy friend.

And I only told her half a lie. Next year, we’ll make our snowmen in our fenced back yard. 🙂

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