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Who wants to play our baby game?

Little Baby D2 is due in eleven days…!!!

I set up a guessing game through Babyhunch.com and invite you all to play along! It’s your chance to “officially” guess our baby’s birthday, weight/height, sex, time of birth, etc., and possibly beat a bunch of other people doing so! 🙂  This is all for my own enjoyment as I sit here gaining more weight by the minute.

Here is the link:


Thanks for playing! 


Pregnancy Wive’s Tales

Sometimes it’s fun to jump on bandwagons. 

I’ve seen a number of pregnant-lady blog posts going through some of the old pregnancy wives tales used to predict the sex of your baby. So I thought I’d join in on the fun and play, too! I have just about two weeks left until  my due date (Whaaaaat??? I still have so much to do. And by that I mean everything.), so we’ve obviously been thinking even more about who our little babe is going to be. I’ve thought it’s been a boy since day one (just like I thought with Charlotte until we found out at 20 weeks), Chris has been wishy-washy about what he thinks, and Charlotte is convinced she is getting a little sister named Sally. 

Since my little family can’t come to an agreement, let’s see what all those old wives think.

Old Wife 1: The Chinese gender predictor: Chinese lunar age and month apparently can predict the sex of your baby. Since I know nothing about any of that, I can plug in my info to an online calculator (found here) and find out what I’m having. According to the Chinese, it’s a GIRL.

Old Wife 2: The Mayan gender predictor: I’d never heard of this one, but this is what Baby Center has to say: “This one’s an easy calculation. How old were you when you conceived this baby? What year did you conceive? If both numbers are odd or even, you are carrying a girl. If one is odd and the other even, it’s a boy. “ So the Mayan say I’m having a BOY.

Old Wife 3:  Fetal heart rate: If it has been over 140 bpm, then the baby is supposed to be a girl, and under 140 means it will be a boy. My baby’s heart rate has been right around 140 recently, but about 150 at earlier appointments. GIRL

Old Wife 4: How do you carry your baby?  High? Girl.  Low? Boy. I think I carry high. GIRL 

Old wife 5: Cravings: Baby Center says, “More headaches means a boy, as does a craving for meat, cheese, salty or sour flavors. Fewer headaches and a craving for sweets and fruit means a girl.” I haven’t had any headaches (yay!), but what happens when you crave everything? Results inconclusive.

Old wife 6: Side You Most Rest On: Baby Center says, “If a pregnant woman prefers to lay on her left side, she’s having a boy. If she prefers resting on her right side, she’s having a girl.” I toss and turn a lot at night lately, but typically I prefer my right side. GIRL

 Old wife 7:  Morning sickness: Did you get it or not? I was lucky to avoid that pregnancy side effect, so apparently that means I’m having a BOY. (However, I never had it with Charlotte either…)

Old wife 8: Does your stomach look like you swallowed a basketball or a watermelon? Well this one’s easy for me: basketball. I’ve been told on numerous occassions by plenty of people that I have basketball-stomach going on. This means I’m carrying a BOY

And now for the final results:

Baby boy – 3; Baby girl  – 4

So, in conclusion, I am having either a boy or a girl! I’m glad I got that sorted out. 🙂 




I’ve blogged so little this year that I’ve put off sharing something huge….



Our family is growing! 


We are thrilled to be adding our second child to the family in….wait for it….JUNE! (Or July. You know how due dates are.) As of yesterday, I’m already into the third trimester! 

We decided to wait until the birth to find out the baby’s sex, unlike last time when pregnant with Charlotte. With her, there was no question that I would find out, but this time, I just didn’t feel that sense of urgency. This pregnancy is flying by, and I figured it would be fun to wait this time around. We don’t plan on this being our last baby, but you never know. If so, we’ll have experienced both ways of finding out. 🙂

This pregnancy hasn’t felt as easy-breezy as my first. Luckily, I never had the morning sickness with either pregnancy, but since you grow so much quicker the second time, I’ve felt the discomforts of pregnancy earlier. However, it’s just simple back and abdominal discomfort, so I know I can’t complain much! Mainly I’ve been bothered by my annoying skin since December, but I can’t blame the baby on that! 

Charlotte is also ecstatic about her new baby brother or sister. Before I got pregnant, she started getting curious about babies so we explained to her how she grew in my stomach and blah blah blah. She took to that information immediately and loved talking to me about it. Pretty much all September, she would hug me and exclaim, “I was a baby, I was in your tummy, I was born!” It was basically the most adorable thing ever. (Like I’ve never said that before.)

So when we shared the happy news with Charlotte, she knew what I was talking about and has loved discussing it with me, talking to the baby, and checking out how much I’ve grown. Right now she thinks she is getting a baby sister, but we’ll see! Here are some more pics from the 20 week ultrasound. I am going to a different hospital this time around, where they gave me tons of 3D images and a video to take home. Any guesses as to whether Baby D2 is a boy or girl??


Hi Baby Love! We can’t wait to meet you, and I feel so lucky to be your mama already! 

In fewer than three months, I’m going to have two children…Ahhhh! (That’s me feeling both totally excited and absolutely terrified.) 

Take our poll for fun!

The Name Game

How did Charlotte get her name? Well, I’m glad you (never) asked because I’m dying to tell you!

Actually, there isn’t much of a story, but it did take Chris and I awhile to decide up0n Charlotte. I’ve mentioned that we both thought she would be a baby boy, and in fact, we’d had a boy’s name picked out for about two years already. (I’d share it, but who knows if we’ll change our minds if/when we have a boy some day.) Actually, we could have named two or three boys — we just agreed on liking so many. But a little girl’s name? That was hard.

I loved Cailin; Chris really did not.

Chris loved Caroline; I didn’t like it enough.

Then there were the named we’d tossed around months and even years earlier: Sofia, Sonia, Lucy, Sabrina, Abigail…We still liked all of them, but none of these seemed like the right name for this little girl:

I was getting huge and a little stressed out about our still nameless daughter. That, and not pregnancy discomfort, was keeping me up at night.

At least we had a middle name chosen. Baby Girl Doran would share my grandmother’s first name and my mother and my middle name: Mary. This was something I’d always planned on doing if I was fortunate enough to have a daughter. And luckily, Mary sounds nice with pretty much any first name so we weren’t limited in that regard.

And then, finally, Charlotte. We remembered we had liked the name a while back, pre-pregnancy, but I guess we had forgotten all about it. We thought it was lovely and classic, and neither of us knew any Charlotte’s growing up so we imagined it was uncommon. (As it turns out, Charlotte was the number 1 girl’s name in 2011. But since Charlotte was born in 2010 I suppose we were the ones to have started that trend, right?) When one of us suggested it again, the other finally said, “Yeah, I like that one.”  Really, that was it. We finally both agreed on a name, and it was a pretty ummomentous event.

And still, we weren’t 100% sure we’d keep the name once we met her, so we kept it quiet and never fully committed to it by calling her Charlotte while she was still in my stomach. Before she was born, she was always just The Baby. In fact, we still call her The Baby sometimes, but less so than we did for the first 9 months of her life when we finally decided she might need to learn her own name.

What’s funny is that we’ll be able to name our next child so much easier because we realized it doesn’t really matter as much as we thought it did. Sure, we need to like and agree on the name, but we both don’t have to be obsessed with it. Liking it is enough. And once the baby gets here, the name just becomes a part of him/her, and you end up loving the name even more because of that.

Well, this was another installment of Katy is trying to write down everything about Charlotte like an insane person. Thanks for reading!



Being Pregnant With Charlottte

I want to remember things. And I want Charlotte to know everything one day, if she’s curious. Many months ago, I wrote about the day we found out Charlotte was a baby girl. Tonight, I’ll share some of my memories and thoughts about my first pregnancy with our precious girl.

Even though nothing in life ever goes according to plan, somehow this did. Chris and I got married relatively young (before 25) and had no desire to have children right away. We both wanted to find jobs, further our educations, get a dog and a new car, and generally just enjoy being married in our twenties. When I was 24, I remember thinking that 27 or 28 sounded like a nice age to have a baby. I also remember thinking that it was a good thing I had so many years before I hit 27 and 28. When I turned 25, I realized 27 was only two years away (English teacher here), and that somehow, I was going to be much older in two years than I was right then because I’d be ready to have a baby. That sounds really stupid, but I was actually right. 

I contracted Baby Fever when I was student teaching in Fall 2009. Luckily, Chris was into the idea, too. We had to wait a few months because I was taking a medication, but when I came off it, voila! I was pregnant. Magic.

Actually, right before we found out in late March 2010, we were in Florida visiting Chris’s grandparents for Spring Break. Hoping for a baby, I didn’t drink any alcohol all week (okay, just one glass of wine), and I wondered whether Margaret and Carl would think that was strange. I don’t even remember what reason I gave them for passing on the wine at cocktail hour every day. I wonder if they suspected?

Sure enough, as my pee-on-a-stick pregnancy test revealed about a week after our trip, little seedling Charlotte had already taken root. I called Chris into the bathroom and we stared at the stick together. Then we laughed in that nervous, excited, I don’t know what else to do way, hugged, then stared at the stick some more, just to make sure. We were totally thrilled, but also we couldn’t believe it happened so quickly; I was expecting to have to pee on at least two or three sticks before seeing the double pink lines. Since I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out, the pregnancy test sat on top of our toilet for probably a month. Eventually, the lines faded, which was a very polite way of telling me that a pee stick probably doesn’t make the best keepsake.

I was co-teaching a science class at the time and we just so happened to be knee deep in our animal unit at that time. Just a few days after finding out our baby news, the dreaded “reproduction” lessons began. I remember sitting in the back of the classroom, wanting to jump up and shout, “Like me, right now!” every time Mr. Kluber mentioned fertilized eggs and fetuses. Because yeah, I had one of those.

We waited a week before we told anyone, and then I called my mom from work one morning during my prep period. It’s funny how even revealing a good secret can make you nervous. I paced around my classroom as I gave her our news. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mom was very happy (and surprised!). She told me she could cry, and then I wanted to too.  That phone call put me in the best mood all day.

Telling Dad was a little different. He found out later that day on our way home from Menards. His first reaction was simply shock. There were a lot of oh-wow-oh-ok-wows. Then he told me, “Just don’t have too many kids, okay? You don’t want to be like those crazy people on T.V.” Um, ok Dad. The next day he called me back and expressed his excitement about our news. It just took a night to process that his kid was having a kid. I can understand that.

The next eight months were a blur (like everything else these days). I loved being pregnant. First of all, I was carrying a baby inside of me! A real baby. Growing. In me. Whoa. I loved feeling her kick and squirm and watching myself grow with each passing week. Also, everyone smiles at you when you are pregnant. I love that. It’s like we all share this wonderful secret about how perfect life is. (Luckily, people still smile at you after you have the baby [as long as you have it with you, of course]. This is good if you are like me and got really used to being smiled at all the time.) I didn’t have any awkward experiences with strange people touching my stomach, so that was good I guess. As long as I knew you, I wouldn’t have cared if you touched my stomach though. That never creeped me out probably because my pregnant stomach really felt nothing like my actual stomach. It was like an alien body part that I was happy to allow others to pat away.

Okay. I know I’m bragging when I say this, but I had a perfect pregnancy. No morning sickness, nausea, high blood pressure, heartburn, or strange food cravings (though I will admit that I kinda hoped for those). I didn’t get stretch marks or varicose veins or cankles or a big swollen face. I was also able to sleep well all nine months, which was glorious. Besides being very tired and feeling a little blue for the first ten weeks, the only negative symptom I had was some back pain for the last two months, which really only got bad at the very end. But all that’s just the superficial stuff. Most importantly, I had a healthy, developing baby girl growing inside of me, hitting all her little fetus milestones.

Being pregnant, giving birth, and raising a child has been awe-inspiring since the moment it all started over two and a half year ago. But now, watching Charlotte run around our home, hearing her laugh, and witnessing her learn so many new things every single day, I am even more humbled by it all. How lucky I was. How lucky I am. How lucky. How lucky.

I know, you’ve seen this one before. I just can’t resist.