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A cheater’s guide to the Easter basket

Happy Easter!

We don’t do much on Easter since our families live out of town and everyone else we know here have their own families to celebrate with. That’s okay, though. We enjoy the quiet Sundays that our Easters have been. Last year we dressed Charlotte in a dress but didn’t leave the house. This year we left the house to go to HyVee.

This morning, Chris and I hid some plastic eggs around the house and encouraged Charlotte to look for them. She was much more interested in opening each egg the moment she found it and eating the contents than putting it into her basket and looking for more. I think her priorities are actually spot on.


The small plastic eggs were filled with trail mix and a couple of jelly beans, but Chris and I are still laughing about what else we put in her Easter basket. She has two jumbo-sized eggs that can fit small gifts, and we filled one of them with a cereal bar and the other with one of her toy horses. She’s two; she doesn’t know that toys she already owns aren’t supposed to wind up in her Easter basket. She was totally thrilled to find “Papa neigh-neigh” hiding in the egg. And girlfriend really does love cereal bars. We figure we’ll milk this stage while we can.

Frankly, we’ve been skimping on her gifts her entire life so far. For her first Christmas, we figured our gifts to her were a successful childbirth and keeping her alive another day (she was two weeks old). And the next two years she got so many presents from grandparent, aunts, uncles, great-grandparents, etc., that we only felt the need to give her one gift (mainly so we wouldn’t feel guilty). The same is true for her birthdays. I just don’t feel the need to contribute any more to the Toys R Us that our house has already become.

I actually started a thread on Hellobee earlier today to see if any other parents filled an Easter basket like we did. And yes, they do! One mom said she gave her son a gift he already received for Christmas. Another mom gave her daughter stuffed animals from her toy box, and another said she gave her son food he’d normally eat. LOL!

Whether you love to shower your children with real gifts or fake gifts, it’s all good in my book as long as your day is spent together. I hope you had a great one!


Here is Charlotte listening to music from her “computer.” She really loves to “feel” the emotion of each song….


Thumb print bunny-love

Let me just preface this post by saying that I just spent an hour and a half editing these photos instead of watching the season finale of The Bachelor. What is wrong with me??

Actually, this is only because we still don’t have a TV, so I have to watch all my shows the next day online. I can’t wait to see who Sean picks to marry and live happily ever after with. (Or just date for the next two months. Whatever.) No spoilers please!


Charlotte and I made a simple and cute Easter craft on Saturday. I pinned this picture last year right after Easter, and mentally demanded that I remember to try this with Charlotte next time.

Thanks to Pinterest (follow me!), I actually remembered, and now we have these cute little thumbprint bunnies to gaze at for the rest of the month.

BunnyPrintCollage(No, my wall is not fifty shades of yellow. It’s actually tan. This is just me playing around with my photo editing. Clearly, I need some practice.)

The link from Pinterest doesn’t lead to a tutorial but rather a series of pictures of other bunny-themed craft ideas. (At least, this is what I imagine since the website is actually written in another language). Point being, we had to figure this one out ourselves. Good thing it’s entirely self-explanatory.

Step one: Gather supplies. We used some washable craft paint, a single brush for painting fingers, and thick white paper.

Step two: Paint your toddler’s thumb and pointer finger.

Step three: Wipe the paint she just smeared all over her face.

Step four: Re-paint Toddler’s fingers, don’t let go of her arm, then press her fingers onto the page for her. (Thumbs for bodies, pointers for heads)

Repeat until you get at least one that looks like it could pass for a bunny. This may take awhile.

Step five: Wipe the paint off your toddler’s face.

Step six: Take off Toddler’s clothes (actually, this should be Step Zero), put her in a highchair, and give her the paint, a brush, and blank paper to keep her entertained while you hand-paint the ears and tails.

Step seven: Cut around your bunnies in a cute little shape, hole-punch, and string ’em up!

Step eight: Learn how to use your camera so you can take a much better picture than I did:

Ta-da!  I swear, this is cute in real life.


(Please excuse the fact that I have no idea how to decorate a shelf/mantel/table/any flat surface and just place random objects in spaces that look empty to me, hence the stick-ball.)

Step nine: Photograph Toddler looking adorable in her war paint:


PS: In first grade I had my birthday party at a ceramics studio. We painted these bunnies. I still think it’s totally adorable,  and I will keep it forever (and also probably force Charlotte to display it in her bedroom at some point).


Chris and Katy: The Final Installment

Once again, I waited an eternity to continue writing the story of how Chris and I “came to be.” Yeah, sorry. It’s done now! Here are parts one and two, in case you can’t remember what I wrote ten and sixteen weeks ago. Or, if you’d like to read the entire story in one place, I’ve added a Katy Loves Chris Loves Katy page along the top of the blog!

Here it is, The Final Installment:

That week, I was doing the typical homework while checking AIM away messages combo, when ChrisDoran321 IMed me! I totally ignored the paper I was supposed to be writing to chat with Chris for a couple hours online. We learned that we were both staying on campus for Easter that weekend, and I told him half jokingly that what I missed most about going home for the holiday was the Easter basket. Since most students we’re leaving for the weekend, we had the perfect excuse to make plans for Saturday night.

Wait until you hear how romantic our first date was…

We watched Joy Ride at Kappa…with my friend, Helen. Hahaha.

Luckily, that wasn’t the end of the date.

The best part of the date took place after the movie in my room. (ooh la la. {not really.})

Most of the girls living in the house were gone for Easter, including both of my roommates, so even though it was against the rules for boys to go upstairs, I had no problemo breaking that one.

We both sat side-by-side on my desk chair and went through ALL the music on computer, listening to and talking about our favorite songs and artists. This was back in the good old days when you could still illegally download pretty much anything you wanted, so we did some of that, too.

When we exhausted our music conversation, we discussed other things. I really can’t remember what we talked about, but we talked FOREVER. Like all night. It was just so easy and comfortable. I never once felt like a nervous idiot, which was huge for me back then.

Then, of course, we kissed.

And kissed and kissed and kissed.

Then it was 6 am, and I had to get ready for church with the old couple I hung out with some Sundays. (I should write about that sometime, too. I spent many a’Sunday at post-mass buffets and craft fairs.)

After mass, brunch, and trying my darndest to stay awake in the car on the way back, I went over to DU to spend some more of my Sunday with this new guy that I was really starting to like.

And guess what he surprised me with?

 (Complete with purple grass and chocolate eggs.)

 He was a keeper, and the rest is history.

Big Box Easter

After my cute preview picture earlier, how about a little chat about Charlotte’s second Easter?

We started out the weekend with a visit from both grandmas. Wow — Talk about lucky! If I had ever had both of my grandmas all to myself for a day, I’d have been doing cartwheels around the room.

Charlotte was spoiled (as usual) with Easter goodies, but more importantly, she got to spend some QT with her family. For living out of town, Charlotte (and Chris and I) really do get to see our families quite a bit. Even though I’d like to be closer, it’s nice having weekend visitors once or twice (or three times) a month.

On Thursday Charlotte came down with her first little virus. (Yes, her first time ever being sick besides a runny nose!) She had been acting fussy at night before bed since Tuesday, and by Thursday she was fussy and clingy all day. She would be laughing one minute, then instantly she would dissolve into tears. Luckily, she didn’t have a fever, but she did get a spotty viral rash on her torso, face, and upper legs. Chris and I took her to Quick Care that afternoon, and the doctor confirmed that she didn’t have strep throat (or anything else worrisome), wished us luck in dealing with a fussy baby, and sent us on our way. That night, she cried harder than she’s ever cried in her life. And I’m not exaggerating. She inconsolably screamed and writhed in our arms. Then, she’d stop and smile and play with an empty bottle before throwing it to the ground and screaming again. My poor baby. It was heartbreaking.

Fortunately, she wore herself out after about an hour of this (Tylenol may have helped), and she was much better in the morning. By Friday night, she was back to her happy, healthy self. The rash has mostly cleared up as well, though that can linger for up to a couple weeks afterward.

Oh my! Being sick is NO fun! (btw, this is not a sick-pic, but her face is appropriate, no?)

On Easter, we really meant to go to church, but it was nap time and nap time wins. Instead, we made an egg/spinach/rice/beans brunch, dressed Charlotte up in her Easter finest, let her play with the plastic eggs, then took a trip over to Menards. Oh, and we also cleaned both the house and the car. (Did you hear that, Mom? The car is clean!)

Side note: We clean our house thoroughly every week. (Usually.) How can everything get so dusty in seven days??? UGH. One day soon I’ll write a post about cleaning, since I feel like I spend a quarter of my life doing it. I’m sure every one of you reading this is on the edge of your seat now in anticipation.


It wasn’t a typical Easter Sunday, but it was still a good one. While I try not to wish time away, I am looking forward to next year when Charlotte will be able to enjoy an egg hunt!

Thank you to Grandmas Amy and Meg for visiting and being Charlotte’s official Easter Bunnies! We love you and can’t wait for your next trip!

Car keys in my Easter basket?! I think I'm going to like this Easter Bunny fella.

Somebunnies love her

Charlotte and her Easter bunnies…

16 months old, seven stuffed bunnies.