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Monday Minions

It’s been raining every day since last Thursday. (Happy Summer!)

And every day Charlotte tells me that the song we’ve been singing hasn’t worked again. (“Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. Charlotte and Caroline want to play!”)

Hopefully tomorrow Mother Nature will get the message. 

So, after renting Despicable Me 2 (or, as Charlotte calls it, “Spit-a-cul Me.”) from the library to help pass some of the time indoors, we were inspired to make our own minions!  

We just used some things I already had at home: an egg carton cut apart, some yellow paint, googly eyes, and markers. We painted the egg carton pieces first, and then waited a looooong time for them to mostly dry. All this rain is making the air nice ‘n humid, so we had to wait over 24 hours. Agony! 

Then we simply glued on some googly eyes, drew on some glasses (or some scribbles, whatever), and set them up in their makeshift egg carton minion mobile.

Ready, set, play!


Besides being yellow and roundish, they really don’t look much like minions….But 4 year-olds are easy to please. And my 4 year-old had fun making and then playing with our simple rainy day craft. Win!


Yarn Pom Bookmark

There are a couple of bloggers in this blogiverse who created this fun little link party called The Great Pinterest Challenge. Basically, you make something you’ve pinned on Pinterest, then post your project on the hosts’ blogs so that everyone can peruse each others’ crafts or yummy recipes (or whatever). I did this a couple of months ago when I posted about my striped curtains.

With my skin the way it’s been lately, I haven’t really been up for crafts lately. Especially big, time consuming crafts. But crafts don’t have to be complicated and time consuming now do they? No.  In fact, this craft takes only a few minutes, and it’s really easy.

This is the photo I pinned:

These yarn ball bookmarks were created by Jane over at Design Mom, a blog I am newly obsessed with. Aren’t they cute?

All you need:

If you can cut, you can do this project. There is a full tutorial with great pictures already on Design Mom, so I’ll just show you my finished poms.

Ta da! Aren’t they fun? Mine don’t look quite as perfect as those in the photo I pinned, but I’ve learned that that is something to be expected when it comes to my crafting skills. They’re still cute, albeit a little wonky. (The yellow pom in the top left was the first I made. Can you tell? You get better at creating a nice circle with each try. As I was cutting, I felt like Mr. Miyagi snipping away at his bonsai tree. It was awesome.)

I love this project because it looks far more complicated than it really is. (Which means you get to impress people when you tell them you made them.)

Don’t forget to visit the Pinterest Challenge hosts’ blogs to check out other fun Pinterest-inspired projects! Go here, here, here, or here.

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