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Protected: Charlotte turns 4!

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Birthday Party and 20 Questions

Here are a few pictures from Charlotte’s party yesterday at our house. It was a small, simple gathering with only about ten guests. There was nothing extravagant or special about this party except for the company, which was actually really nice. We bought the cake, we bought the food, and the only decorating I did was writing Happy Birthday on our kitchen chalkboard. 


The highlight of the afternoon for Charlotte was obviously opening the gifts (and then immediately playing with them).



We picked this up at HyVee that afternoon. It was originally decorated with pink high heels.

We picked this up at HyVee that afternoon. It was originally decorated with pink high heels.

Charlotte loves high heel cake.

Charlotte loves high heel cake.

The cake-devouring aftermath:

Cake in the hair, don't care.

Cake in the hair, don’t care.

This Breyer stable set from Mimi was the piece de resistance of the afternoon. Charlotte’s playing with it right now as I’m typing. Mimi, we missed having you here this year! 😦 


Charlotte and Madeline had a great time playing. And they actually played together some, which is practically a first after all this time as friends. Madeline helped Charlotte open her presents, too!


Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to Charlotte’s party yesterday and being a part of these already-cherished memories! Charlotte is lucky to have family who will drive a few hours to spend her birthday with her! (And thanks to Amy for some of these pictures I stole!) 

This year I am starting a new birthday tradition that I hope to continue for many birthdays to come. I saw this idea about a year ago on Pinterest (from this blog), and just knew I’d want to try it with Charlotte. Each year I’ll ask her the same twenty questions, write down her answers, and compile them into some sort of book for her to look through when she’s older. It will be fun to see which responses change and which stay the same.

This year, she understood all of the questions, but some of her answers are a little strange and not true. For example, her favorite song is not “Lalaloopsie.”  That’s a show that she’s seen but once months ago. I asked her the question a few times though and this is the answer she kept giving me. Ha.  Ultimately, I think it’s most fun just to hear what she says, regardless of whether these are really all her true favorite things.

  • 1. What is your favorite color?   Orange
  • 2. What is your favorite toy?    Mama neigh-neigh
  • 3. What is your favorite fruit?    Grapes
  • 4. What is your favorite tv show?   Horseland  (She actually never watches this dumb show anymore! yay!) 
  • 5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?   Cookies
  • 6. What is your favorite outfit?    Princess dress  (Ha, yeah right!)
  • 7. What is your favorite game?   Hide and seek  (TRUE x 100)
  • 8. What is your favorite snack?   Fruit 
  • 9. What is your favorite animal?   Horsie
  • 10. What is your favorite song?   Lalaloopsie
  • 11. What is your favorite book?   The dinosaur book  (Which one, Charlotte? You have about 50!) 
  • 12. Who is your best friend?    Madeline
  • 13. What is your favorite cereal?    Oats  (??)
  • 14. What is your favorite thing to do outside?   Play tractors  
  • 15. What is your favorite drink?   Milk
  • 16. What is your favorite holiday?    Christmas
  • 17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night?   Neigh-neighs, dinosaurs, pink blankie
  • 18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?    Spinach and eggs
  • 19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday?   Spaghetti 
  • 20. What do you want to be when you grow up?   A teacher  (Awww.)


A few other cute things about Charlotte as a just-turned-three-year-old: 

She loves dip. Guacamole, mustard, catsup, ranch dips, humus, you name it. We pretty much always have humus in our fridge, so Charlotte eats that a lot. She calls it Thomas. ❤

If you’ve spent some time with Charlotte in the last three or four months, you’ve probably seen this face. We call it her one-sided pout. It’s her whine/pout face, and it always makes us laugh. 




“What that is?” A simple little mistake that I just love.


Okay, well it looks like I covered all my blogging for the month! hehe. Four times in a week – I haven’t blogged this much in ages it seems! I wouldn’t get used to it. 🙂 




Family Memory Recorder. That’s me.

You might think I’m getting annoying with all my “here’s another cute thing Charlotte said” posts lately. I just can’t help myself. I feel like I just have to remember every precious thing she says and the only way I can possibly do that is by writing it down. Frankly, I’m very lucky if I remember only one cute thing she says every day. It’s hard work remembering something you just heard two minutes ago. #thirtyyearoldproblems

While we were in Glen Ellyn this weekend for my dad’s birthday party (Oh wait, it wasn’t a birthday party, it was a “family barbeque.” Happy, Dad? 🙂 ), Charlotte was cracking us up with her mispronunciations.

She loved saying hi to the gullison my mom put out in our family room for the fall season.

What? You don’t know what a gullison is? Are you living under a rock?






And then we had a great conversation about the toy horse she affectionately calls “Papa neigh-neigh,” after Papa B who gave it to her. He looks like this:

He is a clouds-dale.

And then there are all those -sk words that somehow get reversed when they come out of sweet Charlotte’s mouth.

The musky hanging on my parents’ kitchen wall is a muksy. Oscar the Grouch is Ocsar. And the ghosts my mom put out in the front yard were goats. (<–Right, not an -sk word. Got it.)

I know in an instant she’ll correct herself and will be speaking in boring grown-up English, so please don’t mind my obsessive attempts to record all this. I’m actually thinking of getting a little notebook to carry around with me which will really push my madness right over the edge.

I’m okay with that.

Here’s a little video of one of my conversations with my girl on Friday. (I guess I really don’t know how to pronounce Cheshire cat…)

Happy 4th birthday, Dad! I’m glad we were able to celebrate with you!

Charlotte’s 2nd Birthday Party

And now it’s time for the Charlotte’s 2nd Birthday Party blog post of all blog posts! Ok, it’s not going to be that exciting of a post because, frankly, I’m still a little bit exhausted from all of it.

Even though I didn’t bake her cake….or decorate the house according to an extravagant theme (or at all)…or make her home-made gifts.

Here’s what I did do for her party: clean up, show up, clean up again, put a pooped out toddler to bed.

We started out on Saturday morning with the Christmas tree reveal. Chris and I put it up and decorated it the night before after Charlotte had gone to bed, and we were excited to get her reaction on video.

Somehow, we managed to get everything in order with time to spare so we headed out to a craft fair before anyone showed up. Having time to do something leisurely before hosting people at our home has literally never happened to me before. I need to remember exactly what we did to prepare so I replicate this experience every time for now on. It was phenomenally stress-free. (Well, mostly.) 

Even though we had an almost all-family birthday party, there were still a lot of guests in our small house. Three of Charlotte’s great-grandmothers were able to make it, as well as ALL of her grandparents and uncles! Charlotte missed her nap completely and was running on attention-fumes all afternoon and into the evening. Attention-fumes happen to eliminate potential crabbiness-due-to-exhaustion. Charlotte likes attention-fumes.


As we were opening gifts, I suddenly could see our future flash before our eyes. More kids, more and more and more toys. Toys everywhere. Toys blocking doorway and hallways. We’re trapped in our house because we can’t get through the toys! Ah!


But we are very grateful. Charlotte loves her gifts, and will surely be the most well-dressed little horse enthusiast around.

You can see in the second picture how excited Charlotte was about her new horse ornaments.

You can see in the second picture how distracted Charlotte was by her new horse ornaments.

Last year when we opened gifts, Charlotte could have cared less. But this year, she enjoyed ripping off the paper, and she wanted to play with every single thing immediately after opening it. I almost felt guilty directing her attention away to open something else, another new thing.  I told my friends later, “I think this is the start of something terrible.”


I’m kidding. Birthday’s are fun, and we know how much her family delights in showering Charlotte with love, attention, and yes, gifts. So I’ll say it again: We are very, very lucky.

Thank you, everyone, for making the trip out on Saturday, and more, importantly, making Charlotte’s 2nd birthday incredibly special! As a parent, we love to see the people we love love our daughter. (There are a lot of loves in that sentence. Did that make sense?) In other words, Thank you, and we love you!


Mimi’s Birthday Party

Mimi turned 80 on my birthday (or, I suppose I should say I turned 29 on Mimi’s 80th birthday), and last weekend my big family threw a little party for her. I’ve shared some of the pictures on facebook already, but here are a few more of my favorites. Surprisingly, I didn’t take too many. I guess I was having too much fun to stop and take pictures of every waking moment.

My grandma is the youngest 80 year-old I know.

Mimi is no-fuss lady. She doesn’t love all the attention of the happy birthday song (me neither; awkward.), but she handled it like a champ. Doesn’t she look lovely?

Baby Sadie was there, too, and Charlotte was sooo excited to see the “buh-boo.”  Picture little hands opening and closing in her typical style.

We had to keep Charlotte from her kissing frenzy just in case she had any lingering HFM Disease germs. We only let her kiss Sadie’s socked foot. Charlotte has no problems kissing feet.

She also has no problem tasting balloons. This made Aunt Susan laugh.

Hmm, I wonder if the pink balloon tastes better than the green one?

Uncle Joe photo-bombed a picture with Aunt Amy, taking it from good to great.

Smitty and Brooklyn, two large and friendly dogs of the doodle variety, kept Charlotte entertained all day and night. She was afraid of them close to her when she was on the floor since they are both taller than her, but adored them from someone’s lap. Brooklyn and Charlotte go way back, actually. They became friends back in March of aught eleven, when Charlotte was merely three months old.

This flashback video is a little long, boring, and high-pitched. You’ll get the point of it after watching about 15 seconds.

Charlotte and Brooklyn today:

Do I know you from somewhere?

I wish I had more pictures of more people. Oh well – I’ll get more at Mimi’s 90th party.

What a fun party with my fun family. Happy birthday, Mimi!