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Protected: Caroline turned ONE!

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Protected: Caroline is 11 months old!

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Protected: Happy Easter updates

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Protected: Caroline is NINE months old!

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Caroline is SEVEN months old!

Caroline turned seven months old last weekend!


Whew, how did we get here already? To me, seven months seems so much older that five or six months for some reason. To me, pre-six months old = tiny baby, post-six months = on the path to one year-old. EEek!

Luckily, Caroline is still not doing many of those big kid/baby moves, like pulling herself up to stand, crawling, or even sitting completely steadily. She babbles all day long but isn’t saying any “words” (like mamama, dada, bababa, etc.), and while she is very good at reaching, grabbing, and putting things into her mouth, she still needs major assistance feeding herself finger foods. Caroline is still very much my baby, and I am loving it!


She is a great sleeper at night and has become a pretty good napper at home, too. When she’s healthy/not congested, I am able to put her to bed awake around 6 pm and she usually wakes only once before we get her up at 7 the next morning. She struggles with naps more at day care, but I think that is because she is just generally not quite as happy there because she can’t get all the attention in the world. The amount she eats at day care though….Oh boy! One day she ate two entire sweet potatoes, a banana, AND about 15 ounces of breast milk! I have no idea how she fit so much food into her little tummy. She does not eat this much solid food at home, however, so I’m still pondering what’s going on with that.

Late last week she came down with a virus that gave her a fever and wiped her out. Over a span of 2.5 days she was awake for only about 6 hours total! She’d wake up and almost immediately act sleepy again, so we’d put her back down and she’d sleep for hours until her next brief awake time. Thankfully she is on the mend and spent a lot more out of bed this weekend. 

This month we are looking forward to expanding her palate with more new foods, practicing her independent sitting, and listening to her laugh at her silly sister. Charlotte, by the way, is practically the only person who can make Caroline giggle. She will smile at anyone, but the giggles have been rare so far. She has the cutest little laugh that instantly makes us smile (and freak out) when we hear it. Charlotte enjoys being her jester. 

Here are the sisters at the end of Caroline’s photo shoot this afternoon. She is still getting over her virus so she’s been more ornery than usual this weekend. By the time Charlotte got in on the pictures, Caroline was OVER IT. 🙂


Protected: Half a year

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The Big Eve

So long, 2014. Thank you for blessing our family with this sweet little gift!


See you in 2015!

Mercy T-shirt milestone

This picture is from November 22…..I might be just a leeeetle behind on my blogging. Maybe. 


I just had to document Caroline wearing her Mercy hospital T-shirt. It was one of multiple little gifts the hospital sent us home with, and I didn’t really expect it to start fitting so soon.

I should have known with my big babies.

Gosh, what a photogenic child! 

Protected: Caroline is five months old!

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Updates in Caro-land

Caroline has had a few “firsts” lately that must be documented (or else something will surely happen, right?).

First, and perhaps most excitingly, she is now a roller! Caroline first rolled from her back to stomach when we were in Glen Ellyn two weeks ago. Most babies roll from stomach to back first, I think, but Caroline hates tummy time so much so she just went straight to level two rolling. The other day she did complete level one rolling for the first time, and I think she might be enjoying tummy time just a little bit more now. Well, enjoying may be a strong word. And I probably just jinxed that so forget I mentioned anything.

This is the first time I've smiled during tummy time EVER.

This is the first time I’ve smiled during tummy time EVER.

Another milestone to remember is that Caroline is now sleeping in her crib every night! That’s right – we finally brought it up from the gallows and assembled it in her room, and she moved in just about two weeks ago. At 4+ months, she is about a month older than Charlotte was when she moved out of the bassinet in our room, but we put it off longer because we were really enjoying using the space for Caroline’s crib for all our laundry. The room looks much cuter with the crib. Are you wondering where we now put all our clean laundry? No, of course not away in closets and drawers! Now it’s in the living room. But we really only use that room as a hallway and occasional dining room anyway so we may as well make it more useful. 🙂 Anyway…..Caroline is doing great in her crib. Yay!

Finally, and unfortunately, Caroline also has her first illness. 😦 She started getting a runny nose earlier this week and last night the doctor confirmed her first ear infection in her right ear. Our poor baby has been awfully crabby at night, but it seems like the antibiotics have already started kicking in. I hate getting her on antibiotics this young, but since she can’t tell us about her pain, we all decided it was the best idea. Hopefully this is both her first and last ear infection.

She hasn’t been totally miserable this week, thankfully. On Thursday I bundled her up and took her out in the stroller, which she loves. Look how cute this little Teddy Bear is:


The snuggliest Teddy ever!