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Caroline is 8 months old!

I’m a day short of a week overdue with this, but at least it is still February. It’s hard to believe our baby is 8 months old now.


She is such a love!


Caroline is still loving her sweet potatoes and puffs the most, and she loves to feed herself more than ever now. We rarely spoon-feed purees to her anymore, and she is doing a great job scooping up slippery chunks of avocado and pasta. Eating solid food has helped ease up my pumping regime during the work day, which I appreciate! It is really difficult to get any work done when I was pumping three times a day (both preps and during lunch). Now I’m down to twice a day (or once and at night if I feed her right before she leaves for day care) and it makes a big difference.¬†

Caroline is a toy-loving gal! Unlike her big sister who couldn’t care less for toys as a baby (that’s not AT ALL true now, though ūüôā ), Caroline can always be appeased with one of her toys. I finally bought a basket to keep all her own toys and move around the house wherever we need it. We can just plop her down on the floor, spill a bunch of toys around her, and she’ll stay pretty happy for awhile. If she gets upset, toss in a new toy. Easy! But don’t you dare take something away from Caroline. That really pisses her off. Her face will contort into the saddest and most dramatic expression before she¬†lets out a mighty wail. Luckily she gets over things pretty quickly. She must know I deal with enough drama from her big sister and my 150 7th graders in a day! Ain’t nobody got time for that.¬†

The only time she sits in her swing is if we have a random difficult night where she’s wide awake at 2 am (like last night). Otherwise, she likes to move and play too much for that boring old thing. I can’t wait to get that monstrosity out of our small family room. Small house living is challenging with all the giant baby gear!

No teeth yet. Not crawling, scooting, or pulling up. But she is a wiggler who loves to lunge forward in our arms and sort of hang off us. She certainly gives me a workout. Her favorite past time: grabbing things. Like my face. My face is her favorite thing to grab. Painful? Yep. But it’s also cute so I forgive you, Baby. It’s also so adorable the way she will lunge out her sitter’s arms toward me when I¬†arrive to pick her up every day. Then she’ll just grab my face and pull it toward hers for a kiss. And when I say kiss I really mean a face smoosh because, remember, she’s only 8 months old.¬†

This sure is a fun age, and we are enjoying watching Caroline’s personality ¬†emerge more each day. Mama, Daddy, and Charlotte love you, Caroline! You make me smile and beam with pride all day long!¬†

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