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We picked apples finally

There is a beautiful apple orchard located just north of our home in Iowa City- a mere seven miles from driveway to driveway, and yet we have never been out there until this year. When my mom was here last, the weather was perfect and I decided we better go pick apples before we move away. I am so glad we did! We had so much fun and the apples were sooo delicious, that we took Daddy back a week later! Look at the view of one of the pumpkin fields with some of the orchard in the background.



There is a lot of hilly ground to cover when you are out looking for apples, so it’s a good workout, too…especially when you have a little baby kangaroo to carry around! (Also especially when the only apples left on the trees to pick are in the farthest rows in the farthest corners of the land. Still worth it.)



Our map lover enjoyed carrying around the map they gave out in the weigh station/store as well as checking out the big one in the orchard.


Three bonuses of this place: 1) They have pumpkins. One stop fall shopping!


2) Not only are freshly picked apples more delicious, but they are also less expensive than their grocery store counterparts!


3) There’s a friendly dinosaur that gives out free rides to little girls and their grandmas.


Since I don’t think we will be living here next fall, I’m really glad we got our acts together this year and made it out to Wilson’s Orchard. Good exercise, good pictures, good memories, good apples.