Sisters in February





In February 2015, Charlotte is 4 and Caroline is 8 months old. Charlotte relishes in her role of being one of the few people who can make Caroline really laugh out loud, and Caroline continues to be delighted by the exuberance of her big sister. Charlotte will ask to get in Caroline’s crib with her just about every day, and Caroline welcomes her with a grin. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad are simply feeling honored to witness the development of this lifelong, unbreakable bond. 


8 responses to “Sisters in February

  1. These little girls are SO precious! What wonderful pictures for them to treasure all their lives! There is nothing like a sister.

  2. I love how you captured such sweet sister moments. I love these dolls so much!!!

  3. Wow. How cute are these! Great shots of these adorable loves! xo

  4. Sisters are the best!

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