Charlotte and Caroline had appointments yesterday morning (Charlotte’s 4 year check and Caroline’s 6 month check). Daddy spent over two hours at the doctor with both of them while Momma went to work. Caroline is now 18 lbs 6 oz! Even though she is a few weeks past her exact 6 month birthday, I still think it is incredible that she is exactly 2 pounds heavier than Charlotte was at 6 months! I know because I just checked my own blog. I knew I’ve been writing this thing for a reason! Caroline is also 26.25 inches long.

Charlotte is now 40.5 inches and 36 pounds. Both girls are healthy, which means Daddy and I are happy!

Charlotte was not so happy about the shots she had to get. After her flu shot a couple of months ago, she has become terrified of needles. There was a lot of screaming on the exam table and a full day of limping to follow. It’s been over 24 hours and she’s still hobbling around, although only when she remembers to do so. Our dramatic girl! (Remember this?)

Also, looking back at June 2011 I came across this post with an adorable video of six month-old Charlotte and Buddy. What a cutie. I have the most adorable babies. And my dog was pretty darling, too. We sure miss him, but I’m glad Charlotte had a pup to spend her early years with. Now Caroline needs a furry friend…


One response to “Numbers

  1. A furry friend will be in your future…all in good time though! 😉

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