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The Big Eve

So long, 2014. Thank you for blessing our family with this sweet little gift!


See you in 2015!


Merry Christmas

After a last minute change of plans, we spent a quiet Christmas day at home as a family of four. 

I would have been sad all day long about missing the family Christmas celebrations back home if not for these two.


Did you know it is hard to get a good picture of two young children? Probably not — no one has heard this ever.

Charlotte sort of understood Christmas last year, but this year, after watching so many Christmas movies, learning about it at Kinderfarm, talking about it with us and her daycare friends, picking out a gift for her sister, and just being a year older and wiser, she really got it. It was so fun for Chris and me to help her put out cookies, milk, and a candy cane with a note for Santa on Christmas eve (then eat/drink said refreshments). And for some reason filling her stocking was even more fun than I thought it should be. She loved pulling out all the random goodies before opening her gifts this morning (like Chapstick, bubble gum [all but two pieces are gone already!], some Go Fish cards, Silly Putty, and a few caramels). 

Charlotte’s  favorite gift from Santa was the big, green t-rex she had wanted for at least a year now. Caroline loves her new fleece booties that she looks so cute in…..Well, she’s actually pretty indifferent toward them, but she did love the banana Santa left in her stocking! We held it in front of her mouth and she devoured the entire thing this afternoon. Banana is actually her second solid food – she tried sweet potato for the first time this past weekend (I will have to post about that and share pictures later). She is already shaping into a champion solids eater, and we are so proud! 

This afternoon we watched Elf, played with toys, and tried to get Caroline to take one decent nap (we failed). We had Japanese for dinner because we weren’t planning on being here and didn’t have the right food to make a decent meal. But sushi is good and fun, and Charlotte is a very good miso soup eater. Caroline just watched, hungrily staring at my….soba noodles.

I hope everyone reading had a wonderful and festive Christmas! 

Shopping Cart Cuties

Caroline took her first ride in a shopping cart a couple of weeks ago. (December 9, to be exact. Thanks, iphoto.) I was giddy over how cute my girls looked riding through the co-op together.


I had to document this moment since I did so for Charlotte. Remember this? Gosh, seems like yesterday to me. 

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Mercy T-shirt milestone

This picture is from November 22…..I might be just a leeeetle behind on my blogging. Maybe. 


I just had to document Caroline wearing her Mercy hospital T-shirt. It was one of multiple little gifts the hospital sent us home with, and I didn’t really expect it to start fitting so soon.

I should have known with my big babies.

Gosh, what a photogenic child! 

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