Often I have moments with Charlotte and Caroline where I just cannot even believe that they are mine. Like, when did this happen and when did I grow up and when I did get so lucky?!? And two girls! Maybe because I grew up with two brothers I always assumed my sons would outnumber my daughters (if I had any daughters at all). I just pictured myself of a mother of boys. But this is not because I didn’t want many/any girls – I’ve always wished for at least one daughter. And if Caroline wasn’t a girl I’d never reveal this secret, but I really did hope she would be a girl. After having Charlotte I guess I just couldn’t have enough daughters. I love my two darling little girls! 

This is a pointless blog post, especially since there is no picture, but I was feeling this heavily today as the three of us were traipsing through town today. Me pushing Caroline in the stroller, Charlotte holding my “free” hand, the wind blowing our hair in all directions. Girls day out. 


(P.S. Sons are awesome, too, I’m sure. 🙂 ) 


6 responses to “Daughters

  1. I just couldn’t imagine life without my daughter! And you are not alone, it’s the most unreal feeling to realize I have grown up and have my own perfect, sweet little baby girl.

  2. I always thought I would have sons too (I have two brothers as well) and I even cried when I found out my baby was going to be a girl. Now? I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to be the mother to such an amazing daughter.

  3. When the Dr. said I had a girl………….I thought, what will I do with a girl??? LOL LOL She was such a girly girl too, but I couldn’t be more happy!

    • Oh yes, Steph was/is a girly girl through and through! Me too (have you seen me try to throw a ball?). Charlotte’s NOT, but Caroline could be completely different. It’s fun to see who they become.

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