Monday night time

For the first time probably all summer Charlotte was sound asleep before nine o’clock tonight. A skipped nap made for a crabbier afternoon, but we needed to get her used to falling asleep ealier because tomorrow is her first day of preschool!

She is going to Kinderfarm, which is exactly what it sounds like it is: a preschool on a farm. In addition to the usual preschool activities and routines in the classroom, kids also get to interact with animals and help with farm chores. There are ponies, chickens, goats, a llama or two, donkeys, rabbits, pigs, and a St. Bernard named Stella. Charlotte will be riding a little bus two days a week (okay, it’s a van but bus sounds more fun) to and from. Even though it’s a less than ten minute drive from our house, the ride service is the only way we could make it work with my work schedule.

Oh, and side note – I will be off work all trimester since my skin sucks royally right now, but more on that later I guess.

The time off and Charlotte’s time at Kinderfarm will allow Caroline and I to get some quality daughter bonding done. Second babies need their one-on-one time, too, and I am just going to eat it up. Oh but Caroline – what a mama’s girl. When she’s really upset, I’m the only person who can calm her down. I’m flattered she likes me so much, but it would be nice if she would let Chris comfort her once and awhile. Charlotte was nothing like this and probably would have allowed an evil clown to comfort away her tears. And, yes, I know: different babies different babies, but is it even possible never to compare your children? As a very experienced mother of two, I’m going to go ahead and say nope. 


Look at that little smiler! All her smiles and conversations make my day! And to think I was worried those first six weeks that she would never be happy. 

She must be so happy during the day because she sleeping exceptionally well at night. She has always done pretty well during the middle of the night (she will go right back to sleep after eating/diaper changing), but for the past few weeks she has been consistently sleeping 7-11 straight hours. Yes, I did say 11. 🙂  Sure, she is still sleeping in a car seat on the floor of our room, but whatever works I say! Eventually we may try to transition her back into the bassinet we wasted $80 on, or we might just wait to move her into her crib. But I guess that means we’ll have to bring the crib upstairs from the basement and actually assemble it….Car seat it is! 

Getting her to sleep at night is the big challenge. Little Girl is a world class sleep-fighter who can snap herself out of any exhausted state the moment her little bum hits the bed. It’s a talent, really. I’m pretty impressed. Right now, in fact, she’s staring at me from her swing looking pretty relaxed, but I know she’s just waiting to make her move. Yep, here comes the whining. I now have about two minutes to finish this blog post. 

I’ll conclude with a picture. Everyone’s favorite part. 

I call her poonkin. It means pumpkin in my own invented mama language.

I call her poonkin. It means pumpkin in my own invented mama language.




2 responses to “Monday night time

  1. I can’t believe Charlotte is in pre-school and takes a “bus”!!!! Caroline is so incredibly adorable! Hugs to all of you.

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