Caroline is six weeks old today! And she had the happiest day of her life! (Verdict is still out for her night…) She had a long mid-day nap and spent more time than usual awake and content, which made for a much more pleasant day in the Doran household.

I put a headband and bow on her today, and Charlotte thought she looked soooo cute in her (Charlotte’s) headband. And she wanted to wear one, too…with a bow. I grabbed two, let her choose the color, then put it on her head so that it held back her hair. She touched her headband and stared at Caroline’s. I could see her little wheels turning and I knew what she was thinking. “I want to wear it low like her,” she said, pulling it down to her forehead. So she did. And we took pictures.

headbands 1.jpg

Double drama

Double drama


10 responses to “Headbands

  1. Oh, sister love–priceless!!

  2. This is just too cute! I miss these two!

  3. Adorables!

  4. Makes me happy to know you, Amanda, and girls have such good times together!

  5. These little sisters are going to be best friends growing up. Gorgeous.

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