Pregnancy Wive’s Tales

Sometimes it’s fun to jump on bandwagons. 

I’ve seen a number of pregnant-lady blog posts going through some of the old pregnancy wives tales used to predict the sex of your baby. So I thought I’d join in on the fun and play, too! I have just about two weeks left until  my due date (Whaaaaat??? I still have so much to do. And by that I mean everything.), so we’ve obviously been thinking even more about who our little babe is going to be. I’ve thought it’s been a boy since day one (just like I thought with Charlotte until we found out at 20 weeks), Chris has been wishy-washy about what he thinks, and Charlotte is convinced she is getting a little sister named Sally. 

Since my little family can’t come to an agreement, let’s see what all those old wives think.

Old Wife 1: The Chinese gender predictor: Chinese lunar age and month apparently can predict the sex of your baby. Since I know nothing about any of that, I can plug in my info to an online calculator (found here) and find out what I’m having. According to the Chinese, it’s a GIRL.

Old Wife 2: The Mayan gender predictor: I’d never heard of this one, but this is what Baby Center has to say: “This one’s an easy calculation. How old were you when you conceived this baby? What year did you conceive? If both numbers are odd or even, you are carrying a girl. If one is odd and the other even, it’s a boy. “ So the Mayan say I’m having a BOY.

Old Wife 3:  Fetal heart rate: If it has been over 140 bpm, then the baby is supposed to be a girl, and under 140 means it will be a boy. My baby’s heart rate has been right around 140 recently, but about 150 at earlier appointments. GIRL

Old Wife 4: How do you carry your baby?  High? Girl.  Low? Boy. I think I carry high. GIRL 

Old wife 5: Cravings: Baby Center says, “More headaches means a boy, as does a craving for meat, cheese, salty or sour flavors. Fewer headaches and a craving for sweets and fruit means a girl.” I haven’t had any headaches (yay!), but what happens when you crave everything? Results inconclusive.

Old wife 6: Side You Most Rest On: Baby Center says, “If a pregnant woman prefers to lay on her left side, she’s having a boy. If she prefers resting on her right side, she’s having a girl.” I toss and turn a lot at night lately, but typically I prefer my right side. GIRL

 Old wife 7:  Morning sickness: Did you get it or not? I was lucky to avoid that pregnancy side effect, so apparently that means I’m having a BOY. (However, I never had it with Charlotte either…)

Old wife 8: Does your stomach look like you swallowed a basketball or a watermelon? Well this one’s easy for me: basketball. I’ve been told on numerous occassions by plenty of people that I have basketball-stomach going on. This means I’m carrying a BOY

And now for the final results:

Baby boy – 3; Baby girl  – 4

So, in conclusion, I am having either a boy or a girl! I’m glad I got that sorted out. 🙂 




4 responses to “Pregnancy Wive’s Tales

  1. This is sooo cute! I should do it too!

  2. Ha! Just what I suspected. Either a boy or a girl! Can’t wait either way! 🙂

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