Baby gear for the second kid

Everyone knows that babies these days seem to require a lot of “stuff.” At least that’s what the baby retailers tell us. Wipe warmers, anyone? Sleep positioners? 35 different baby carriers? Designer duds for your newborn?

Right. Much of it is probably unnecessary, but after going through this mommyhood business once, I know there are some things we just can’t live without (…unless we never plan to leave the house).

I was lucky to be gifted a lot of our baby gear and necessities having had two wonderful baby showers when pregnant with Charlotte. And I took care to choose gender neutral everything so that I could use it all again when the time came. It has been really nice not feeling like I need much of anything in order to be ready to welcome Baby D2 this summer. (In other words, just get this baby out of my abdomen and into my arms already, k?) That said, though, it has been fun putting together my little second baby wish list. Picking out just a handful of items that we’ll need and/or want is a lot less overwhelming that that first baby registry I created four years ago (what? 4 years already? sob.).  This is one thing I’ve loved about being pregnant for the second time.

Here is our little list of items we will be purchasing for the new babe:

The Needs


1. Diono Radian RXT convertible car seat. This will go to Charlotte and her current Britax will be used for BD2. I like this not only for its top safety rating and steel frame, but also for its versatile positioning options and ability to fold up for travel. ( <– I suppose we’ll need to get around to flying somewhere first for that to really matter, though! 🙂 )  [image via]

2. Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor. There’s nothing super fancy about this monitor except for the temperature sensor, but I choose it mainly because it had good reviews. Our last monitor conked out on us, so this time I want one that will last more than a year. Our next house could be more than a single story and have thicker walls, so we probably won’t be able to rely solely upon our good ol’ ears after we move. A lot of people choose the video cameras and motion sensored monitors, but I think both of those would probably make me crazy. Plus, when my kid is a asleep, I’d rather be watching some trashy TV show than a video of him or her sleeping for an hour. ha. [image via]

3. Bob Motion stroller in navy. Gosh, I covet this thing. Our last stroller (this one), has served us well as the only stroller we’ve owned since Charlotte’s birth, but it’s not going to last us through another child. The wheels are starting to bow inward and wear down, and there’s just not enough room underneath to carry enough gear for two kids. I’ve researched a lot of strollers, and I want this Bob mainly because of its large inflatable wheels. No more tipping forward over sidewalk bumps (yep, that’s happened.). No more worn down rubber. It’s expensive, yes, but I think it will be a lasting investment. [image via]


 4. Giggle Better Basics Fitted Striped Crib Sheet. Organic cotton, classic stripes, cute color options. I was hoping our fitted sheets for Charlotte would last through multiple children, but the elastic has worn out so they aren’t quite so “fitted” anymore. Oh well. Minor expense. And it is kind of fun to have a new look for the crib! [image via]

5. The Milk Saver by Milkies. I know, a little strange. But as a working mom who has to pump (ugh, what a chore), I’d like to try saving all the milk I can so hopefully I can do it less! Laziness for the win!  [image via]

6. Diaper Rite Bamboo Flat Sheets. We used cloth diapers for about nine months with Charlotte and plan to use them again for BD2. This time, however, since we have all the diapers already, we can start earlier and hopefully use them longer. I’d like to try some pre-folds while s/he is tiny, and these bamboo diapers can also be inserted into the pocket diapers we already own. 

The Wants (the fun stuff I don’t need but enjoy adding to my pinterest boards)


1. Olive and Vince Bandana Bibs. Okay, I will buy these. When Charlotte went through her drooly stage from age 2 to about 6 months, I remember feeling a little bummed that I had to cover up her cute outfits with stupid bibs every day. These bandanas backed with absorbent bamboo fleece are so freaking adorable I would wear them. (Well, you know.) I die over all the cute patterns. What did people do before Etsy, by the way? [image via]

2. Bird Egg Gathering watercolor print. This “want” is inspired by Charlotte and her nature/animal loving. It’s just cute and pretty, and I’d hang it on the wall. Again, with the above Etsy question. [image via]

3. Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. In other words, the coolest chair in the universe. I’ve wanted one of these for Charlotte for a long time, but they are way expensive. This chair will probably stay on my wish list forever (because we’ll never actually buy it). Who knows though; Santa Claus could pull through one year. [image via]

4. Blooming Baby Bath. Again, we probably won’t buy this, even though every time I see a picture of a chubby baby bathing in this adorable, soft flower my ovaries explode. Chris thinks it’s stupid and unnecessary. Whatever, Husband. It’s a soft bath shaped like a sunflower! [image via]

Well, that was fun. I’m growing more excited (and massive) by the minute! What extra/additional gear did you purchase for your second child? Any recommendations? 


2 responses to “Baby gear for the second kid

  1. You MUST have that Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair! That is one handy – dandy item, and that Blooming Baby Bath??? Must have. Sorry Chris! 🙂 All I know is if I were having kids now, I’d be in broke. The stuff out there is too cool.

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