I’ve blogged so little this year that I’ve put off sharing something huge….



Our family is growing! 


We are thrilled to be adding our second child to the family in….wait for it….JUNE! (Or July. You know how due dates are.) As of yesterday, I’m already into the third trimester! 

We decided to wait until the birth to find out the baby’s sex, unlike last time when pregnant with Charlotte. With her, there was no question that I would find out, but this time, I just didn’t feel that sense of urgency. This pregnancy is flying by, and I figured it would be fun to wait this time around. We don’t plan on this being our last baby, but you never know. If so, we’ll have experienced both ways of finding out. 🙂

This pregnancy hasn’t felt as easy-breezy as my first. Luckily, I never had the morning sickness with either pregnancy, but since you grow so much quicker the second time, I’ve felt the discomforts of pregnancy earlier. However, it’s just simple back and abdominal discomfort, so I know I can’t complain much! Mainly I’ve been bothered by my annoying skin since December, but I can’t blame the baby on that! 

Charlotte is also ecstatic about her new baby brother or sister. Before I got pregnant, she started getting curious about babies so we explained to her how she grew in my stomach and blah blah blah. She took to that information immediately and loved talking to me about it. Pretty much all September, she would hug me and exclaim, “I was a baby, I was in your tummy, I was born!” It was basically the most adorable thing ever. (Like I’ve never said that before.)

So when we shared the happy news with Charlotte, she knew what I was talking about and has loved discussing it with me, talking to the baby, and checking out how much I’ve grown. Right now she thinks she is getting a baby sister, but we’ll see! Here are some more pics from the 20 week ultrasound. I am going to a different hospital this time around, where they gave me tons of 3D images and a video to take home. Any guesses as to whether Baby D2 is a boy or girl??


Hi Baby Love! We can’t wait to meet you, and I feel so lucky to be your mama already! 

In fewer than three months, I’m going to have two children…Ahhhh! (That’s me feeling both totally excited and absolutely terrified.) 

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6 responses to “Growing

  1. Awww, Congratulations!!!
    I am so happy for you! JUNE?!?! I can’t believe you have waited this long to share! I start blabbing when I’m like 5 weeks along.LOL

  2. That cutie can’t come too soon. You’re right how this pregnancy has flown by! Oh….I’m guessing boy. Maybe because of the one image with what looks like a boy’s haircut. Ha!

  3. That’s exciting! Congratulations! 🙂

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