Charlotte’s Big Girl Room

For over three years, Charlotte’s room has been her “nursery,” looking like this (though usually not as tidy 🙂 ).


Her room was a labor of love with many homemade and crafted pieces, like her curtains, pretty much everything on her floating shelves, the lamp shade, and her wallpapered bookshelf.  We painted the room this happy green when we moved in and decided it was perfect for either a baby boy or girl when that time came. I still love this color (though it looks a little neon under our florescent lights at night). You can read more about her nursery and watch a video tour here


Even at three years old, she had been happily sleeping in her crib every night, and we had been happily letting her. 

But every child needs to grow up, and I suppose that includes Charlotte, too. So a couple of weeks ago, into a big bed she went! For the sake of money and space, we moved our futon from the guest room into Charlotte’s room, spruced it up with some new sheets and blankets, and tossed in the cute kid. She approves.


Without her crib, changing station (which she hasn’t needed in practically a year already!), and rocking chair, this room is no longer a nursery at all (*sob*). Here is Charlotte’s big girl room! 

Teal and orange bedding is from good old Target. And her horse decals were a birthday gift when she turned two.

Teal and orange bedding is from good old Target.

Charlotte was so excited to see the horse decals on the walls. They were a birthday gift when she turned two, and I had them sitting in her closet since then so she had totally forgotten all about them. I put them up when she was out with Daddy and Nana for lunch, so it was a cute surprise.

My childhood nightstand and dresser.

My childhood night stand and dresser.

The rocking corner turned reading and coloring corner.

The rocking corner turned reading and coloring corner.

The transition from her crib to bed went about as well as I could hope. For the first five or so nights she wanted us to lay with her and ended up staying awake very late because of that. Since then, though, everything’s been peachy! We realized that she still loves to rock with us for a couple of minutes, so if we do that, she’ll go right to bed for us. I don’t mind rocking her one bit. Even if her legs are practically hanging to the floor. 

Though a twin bed is the ideal size for this room, it’s been really nice having the full-sized futon for all of us to climb into when it’s time to read stories at night. Charlotte loves inviting us into to bed with her to read and snuggle. It’s been a sweet transition for us all.

I can’t wait to show you what we’re working on in the former guest room! 


9 responses to “Charlotte’s Big Girl Room

  1. OH, cuuuuuttte!! Both the nursery and the big girl room. Seriously cute. Samuel is still happily in his crib (he’s 2 1/2). Hopefully I’ll have a reason to bump him up into a big boy bed next year! 😉 Hmm, looking forward to the new look of the guest room. 😀

    • Thanks, Valerie! I am all for keeping the kids in the crib as long as possible! I have been sooooo inactive on the blog and wordpress since December, but hopefully I will get my act together and post some more soon. I look forward for when you make your blogging return, too!

  2. Grammy (home)

    Honey, you’ve done such a great job with all of your decorating. Charlotte has one cozy & happy bedroom!

  3. I want this bedroom for myself!

  4. Such a cozy bedroom!

  5. I want this bedroom, too! Lucky Charlotte! Her mommy is very talented for sure!

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