Three year-old Charlish

I’m dusting off the cobwebs and hoping to get back into posting more regularly around here. It’s been awhile…do I remember how to do this? We’ll see!

At three, Charlotte has been giving us some pretty memorable quotes lately. I’ve been trying to remember to write down the good ones, and so far I’ve done okay with that. Here are a few of my “recent” Charlish favorites. And since it’s been since December since I’ve shared here, I’ll start with a Christmas song.

“He’s a plumber, Mr Grinch.”  You know that one, right? 🙂 

Daddy, discussing her chocolate milkshake: “Don’t drink it too fast or it will make your head hurt.”                                                                                                                  Charlotte: “It won’t make my head hurt! My head feels really happy!”

“You close your eyes and I will try to scare you………RRROOOAAARRR!” 

“My tummy is humbly. I’m hungry!”   She uses humbly So cute. 

“Daddy, you have eyelashes. You a girl!”

While making mac and cheese with Mama for dinner:                                                Katy: “And then we’ll add the cheese and butter!”                                                  Charlotte: “Don’t put cheese on my butt!”

Referring to the walleye fillets cooking on the George Foreman grill, Charlotte whispers: “Shhhhh, they’re sleeping!” 

While listening to some classical music in her room:                                         Daddy:”Do you want to learn about Bach or Beethoven or Dvorak when you’re older?”                                                                                                                                       Charlotte: “I want to learn about bubbles! Pop! Pop! Pop!”

And finally, after tumbling class last weekend: “Can I get some water from the drinking mountain??” 

Gosh, I love this stage! 


8 responses to “Three year-old Charlish

  1. Best Valentine’s Day present EVER! We have sooooo missed you posts! Bob and I have been in the desert, only saved by my visits and photos! LOL Can’t wait until Sunday!!!

  2. such cute language from her

  3. So cute! it’s great that you are writing these down and recording them. I wish I had written down some of my kids funny phrases from when they were this age. X

    • Thank you, Louise! I am trying…we will see how well I do with the next kid(s)! haha. I am also planning a skin update post hopefully soon. I am just finding them depressing to write. But I know a lot of people come here for them so I better deliver!

  4. So glad you’re back! And love hearing our little one’s Charlish!

  5. Gah she is adorable!! Kids say the best things!!

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