Two, almost three

I’ve found that “the twos” aren’t really so terrible.

 “The threes,” apparently, are what I should be worrying about.

Charlotte will be three in two months (whatohmygoshnoway!)…Is this a preview?

Joyful one minute:



Boo-hooey the next:


Aaaaannnnnd, we’re back to happy:


Hm. Seems we have a little actress on our hands.

In fact, right now she’s calling my name from bed feigning fear of… the dark? her stuffed animals? the bookshelf in her room? Who knows. Just a minute ago she was calling out for some milk. Oh! And now I hear that she needs me to pick up the giraffe that fell she tossed out of her crib.

We have an actress indeed.



6 responses to “Two, almost three

  1. Oh yes, she is learning all those little ploys to avoid bedtime. Fun times!

  2. I always thought the 3’s were much tougher than the two’s. Hang in there mama! At least you have a great sense of humor. She’s a lucky little girl!

  3. Oh jeebs. She’s adorable!

  4. 3 and 4 were much harder than sweet little 2! But you’ll do just fine!

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