Weekend Walks

This weekend felt so much like fall. There were football games, crisp air, sunny skies, leisurely walks, and steaming cups of coffee. We spent time with friends, got to see my little bro Joe on Saturday, and ate a few too many meals out. (MUST STOP….but SO GOOD.) Charlotte also picked out another animal friend, a mama for her baby giraffe, from the Haunted Bookshop, and has been playing up a storm. (Spoiling our child is another example of something we must stop, but it’s sooo fun. sigh.) In less-than-happy news, her beloved zebra fell out of the stroller on our walk downtown, which we didn’t realize until our walk was over. By the time we were able to retrace our steps, Zebra was long gone. We’re trying not to bring it up, hoping that Charlotte will forget about it. YEAH RIGHT, this child forgets NOTHING.

Charlotte has really been enjoying walking Buddy around our neighborhood. These walks are painfully slow for me, but I figure it’s good to slow myself down once and awhile. We stop to examine and discuss every piece of litter, person walking by, flower, airplane, dog, and insect. We are becoming very familiar with our block. 

Tonight, Charlotte smelled a marigold that smelled like “frozen ice cream,” and she spotted the “mail box man” who was really just a guy carrying a shoulder bag. (Good guess, Kid.)  She tripped on the uneven sidewalk and showed me the “sunburn” she got on her elbow. Luckily, a few kisses prevented the drama this time. When she turned over a softball-sized rock, she uncovered a wonderful surprise: Look Mom, an old cigarette butt! Then, for approximately half a block, we hopped down the sidewalk as mama and baby kangaroo.

I’ve decided I’d like to take a walk like this every night, please. Plus Daddy. 

Right now she is sleeping with her giraffes, a horse, and a couple books with the door cracked, the fan blowing, and Beethoven for Babies playing. Just the way she likes it.

Sweet dreams, Little Luv.



5 responses to “Weekend Walks

  1. Wow! Perhaps Charlotte has grown out of her “drama”. Tee hee! Your walks remind me of you when you were a little tot. You asked about everything! Keep enlightening your sweet little doll…she’s getting so smart! Love you, honey! xoxo

  2. Sounds heavenly, every minute of it. Keep up the wonderful job of being wonderful parents!

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