Oh, Goodness!

Right now, the three of us are hanging in the family room listening to the Iowa/Iowa State game on the radio. We’ve never had the channels that play these games, so we’re used to experiencing sports this way after seven years. We don’t mind. It’s actually a fun way to spend a Saturday night. I guess I really am 30. 🙂

Earlier today we went to the local farmer’s market and then walked the neighborhoods around town while Charlotte conked out in the stroller. We hit up a garage sale before heading home and sitting around for the rest of the afternoon. Perhaps I should clarify that Charlotte prefers running laps around the house to sitting around, so that’s what she did. It’s been a simple day. The best kind.

I should mention that the temperature was a brisk 67 degrees when we left the house this morning a little before 11. This is quite the change from our 100 degree days just last Monday and Tuesday!

As for Charlotte, she’s been spending her days mostly making up games to play with her all her toy animals around the house. She’s always carrying an animal somewhere, and her companions of choice as of the last couple of weeks are her zebra and elephant. And who cares that her zebra is twice the size of her elephant? That certainly doesn’t matter in the world of make believe. At the garage sale today I found a tiny wooden zebra and leopard for a quarter each, so they’ve joined the zebra/elephant clique, too (for now at least). It’s so fun to hear her create little conversations between her animals that only make sense to her. Often she throws in a round of “did not, did too,” which I finally realized she got from an Arthur book.

Of course, Charlotte is keeping us entertained with her cute quotes. Here are a few of our recent favorites:

  • “I love Daddio because I love him.” Awww, does it get any sweeter?
  • “Mama, your bottom is sooo cute!” This one had me rolling. 
  • “kinda really” As in I’m kinda really tired or It’s kinda really big.
  • “Oh, goodness!” This has crept in just days ago, but she says it all the time. She’s such a little copycat because I say this to her when she’s crying/complaining/whining/being funny/pretty much all the time, too. 
  • Salad = leaf and sauce.

We’ve also been practicing opposites when we feel like it. I was surprised when I asked her a couple of weeks ago to give me an opposite and she knew what it meant. She must have learned it from a book or T.V. because she didn’t get it from us!

She also makes funny faces…. (she really fits right in with the family.)

Now I’m off to pay closer attention to the rest of the game. We are ahead with only a quarter of the game left, but any Hawkeye fan knows it ain’t over till it’s over. Oh, goodness!



12 responses to “Oh, Goodness!

  1. The video is set to private…GOODNESS! 🙂 Cutie Charlotte just gets cuter! You and Chris are so wonderful with her.

  2. Can’t see the video, but I imagine it’s adorable! She is a HOOT!

  3. 2 year old doing opposites? Brilliant!

  4. First of all…Yay Hawkeyes! Ok…now to the best part…Hugs, love, kisses and smiles to our little doll! She has the most adorable personality!

  5. Adorable! Yes, a Lefty, but pretty sure Ambidexterous is more fitting so far. So dang cute!!! Not to mention, SMART! Opposites! Love the Opposites book she reads, but Mom and Dad are definitely to be given kudos here. Grandma Margaret is still talking about the Dinosaur recognition skills! Love to all!!!

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