Charlish: Late Summer Edition

Charlotte continues to say some pretty cute/funny things these days. To be honest, I kinda expected to take note of every single cute thing she’s ever said and then document it here so that I can remember it forever….

…I’m doing my best?

Well, here is approximately point three percent of her cute sayings from the past month.

  • Charlotte and I went out for ice cream over a month ago. I got a cone and she had a cup. When I got down to the cone and took a bite, Charlotte said, “Mama eat the bone part!”

  • She’s made all the typical pronoun mistakes, which is adorable. Some of my favorites are “My too” for me too, and “Can I have you’s?” I haven’t heard my too in weeks, though, so I suppose she’s moved on from that already. *tear
  •  Either Wisconsin is a hard word to remember, or Charlotte really thinks the Wis part is exchangeable with whatever or whomever she associates with the place. So far, she’s called it Sadie-sconsin and Yo-yo-sconsin. The yo-yo one is pretty funny considering that yo-yo in the living room of our house was about the least significant aspect of our entire week.

  •  She calls sprinkers bro-colli  (???) haha

  •  When Charlotte temporarily forgets words, she’ll either mumble something unintelligible in its place, or she’ll insert another word she knows that has a similar amount of syllables. When we were in Wisconsin, my uncle Jim and aunt Amy brought their sweet dog Petunia along. Charlotte (and everyone) really, really loved her. She called her Ah-petuna. (Again, ???) Since we’ve been home, Ah-Petuna has been used to replace multiple words during her brain farts. In particular, tortilla. Just like this: “I want cheese in my Ah-petuna!”

  •  Charlotte sees something in a book/real life that she thinks is one thing but is really something else. Example: Char: “Look! A mama ostrich and a baby ostrich!” Chris: “That little one is an emu, but it does look like an ostrich, doesn’t it?” Char: “No. That’s an ostrich.” This sort of conversation happens ALL THE TIME. She is such a little know-it-all.

  • Elevator = elegator

  • “I want to do it my byself.

Rarely, when we are really lucky, we get something funny on video. WE DID TONIGHT, folks! We were trying to get her to sing on camera, which, like usual, did not happen. But we did discover that she’s taking lessons from The King. How, where and why? We have absolutely no idea. But these fun little surprises are one of the best parts of being a parent.


6 responses to “Charlish: Late Summer Edition

  1. HAHAHHAHAHAH! That’s all I have to say.

  2. LOL! Where did she learn that? So cute!

  3. hahahahahahahaha! What a riot!

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