Oops I Ignored July Part Two: UI Natural History Museum

My last post was my first attempt to catch up on everything I failed to write about this July. And here is my second. (This is where you jump out of your seat and shout yahoooo!)

[And, yes, it has been awhile. Ooops. Bad blogger. Hopefully, I’ll get back into the routine of this now that school/normal life is resuming once again. 🙂 ]

2) The UIowa Museum of Natural History

I’ve lived in Iowa City now for seven years. Seven! I know, time flies. And this month, I’d never been to the very free and very awesome museum located in one of the buildings at the Pentacrest right downtown.  I’d been trying to think of indoor things to do with Charlotte since we had temperatures this month like the red desert of death fire when Chris reminded me of this museum downtown. He hadn’t been there either, actually, but since Charlotte loves talking about museums, we figured we ought to take her to one.

So I did. And we LOVED it. So much, that we went back three more times within the next two weeks.

For our little animal lover, this museum is perfect. It’s pretty much all stuffed animals in glass cases. A frozen zoo. (I’m ninety percent convinced that at last half of these animals were poached back in the day…and let’s pretend that giant diorama of Lysan Island birds aren’t extinct now, mmmkay?) Oh, and there are skeletons, too. And a giant (fake) sloth. So, yes, this place is a little creepy on a slow weekday when you are the only one there with your toddler and have a thousand owls looking at you behind a thin pane of glass.


Charlotte loves the display of eggs, arranged from top to bottom, largest to smallest.

And the gift shop, of course, where she may have come home with a new pet elephant and zebra.


She even grew to love that giant sloth.



4 responses to “Oops I Ignored July Part Two: UI Natural History Museum

  1. I agree. Pretty creepy – especially just the two of you! Did you jump into Charlotte’s arms, screeching???

  2. Our little animal lover….I love it! What a darling. xoxo

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