Slippy Slappy

We have this little joke around here…

Earlier this week, Chris was asking Charlotte what she wanted to eat. He opened the fridge and started listing what we have.

“Do you want eggs? Or peanut butter and jelly? An apple? Or slippy slappy?”

And without missing a beat, Charlotte replies with enthusiasm, “Slippy slappy!”

I heard this from the other room and immediately started laughing. Actually, I’m laughing about it right now, and pretty much every day since then I’ll think about slippy slappy and just giggle.

Slippy slappy! See? Funny.

When Chris knows I think something he’s said is funny, he’ll run with it until the end of time to keep me laughing. I find this adorable. So anyway, we’ve been calling lots of things slippy slappy since then, particularly when we want Charlotte to want something.


Me: Charlotte, come in here. We’re going to eat dinner.

Charlotte: No. (Brat)

Me: Do you want slippy slappy for dinner?

Charlotte: Yes. I want slippy slappy! (Angel)

In this case, slippy slappy was bratwurst, and although she ate just a few bites before deciding she’d only eat the bun, I’d consider that a score for the parents.

Slippy slappy for the win.




4 responses to “Slippy Slappy

  1. Chris is a riot! Slippy slappy is awesome!

  2. Awwww….so I gather slippy slappy can mean just about anything? Cute!

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