Happy Birthday, ‘Murica!

Happy 4th (er, 5th) of July, Everyone! 

Our day yesterday started out by cleaning poop, pee, and barf out of the carpet. Yay! Charlotte was responsible for the first two, and Buddy has been ralphing up a storm these past few days (including 5 times this morning. ack!). Charlotte’s been having accidents the last couple of days, and she said something tonight that makes us suspect she is doing this on purpose so that she can have an extra bath (tricky girl!)….It’s a far cry from the baby who absolutely loathed the tub back in the day!  Anyway, because of all this, we actually spent the early part of our day yesterday buying a steam vac.

Life for me is pretty low key these days since my skin is really limiting what and how much I am able to do in a day, but, unlike last year, we did get out of the house!

Since Iowa City’s fireworks aren’t until tonight, we hit up Coralville’s show. We went out to dinner late around 8:00, and somehow, Charlotte was still going strong by the time we set down our blanket in the park around 9:30. Charlotte loved “getting cozy” with us on the blanket, and at one point, she decided to lay right on the grass and pull the blanket over her, tucking herself in. That only lasted a minute though before she was up and off wandering and singing to herself again.

Of course the moment she wandered just out our reach the fireworks started. And because of a “computer glitch” (read: human programming error), this show started with the finale – a nonstop boom and roar that lit up the sky for about minute [to watch an actual video, click here!]. Chris and I didn’t actually see much of it though because, upon hearing that first explosion, Charlotte took off running in the direction she was already headed – away from us. We had called out her name, but it was too loud for her to hear us. Chris had to chase after her through the crowd until she finally stopped and started sobbing. Luckily, he was only a step behind her at that point and could scoop her right up.

The rest of the show was pretty calm and lackluster. Charlotte sat with us quietly, at first refusing to watch before eventually allowing herself quick peeks. Phew. We were worried our child may have been scarred for life. She did, however, keep thinking about that moment of panic and reminding us about what happened about fifty times: “I run away and the big thunder comin’.” She brought it up this morning, and I think she’ll probably remember it next year, too. This kid forgets nothing.

Here are a few pictures of our girl in her red, white, and blue:



2 responses to “Happy Birthday, ‘Murica!

  1. I love her patriotic Hello Kitty outfit! So darn cute!

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