Splish Splash Padding

My Dad came to visit us Monday and Tuesday! Since he works a lot and doesn’t get to come out as often as my mom, it was a treat to have him! Despite what the expression on Charlotte’s face may read in this picture, Charlotte loved having Papa here!

Fine, you can interrupt my playtime for this picture, but don't expect me to actually smile.

Here Mom. Here’s the picture you wanted. Are you happy?

She showed off her dinosaur knowledge with some reading. And who says you can’t wear a fleece cowboy coat when it’s 90 degrees?


Charlotte wore her cute ladybug suit to the splash pad down town. She loves running through the volcano, as she calls it. (Actually, her pronunciation is bye-kona, but I don’t think you could have deciphered that one. 🙂 )


This time, she was more tentative with the water than she was when we went two days earlier. But eventually, she decided to take a risk and use the fountain for a quick drink.


I’m looking forward to spending a lot time at the splash pad this summer. It’s perfect for parents because there are lots of shady spots to sit, and there is the park and library just a few steps away. Oh, and ice cream, too. Charlotte (and Mama) have been enjoying lots of sweet treats these past few weeks.

Okay, bye.


7 responses to “Splish Splash Padding

  1. Aww! Her little lady bug suit is so cute!!

  2. Love it!!!

  3. That suit is ADORABLE

  4. Adorable photos, wonderful memories made and a lovely post…
    Lauren 🙂

  5. Love the first picture. So much love!

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