It’s becoming lamer by the day

I’ve become really good at letting the days slip by without posting or even checking in on this here blog. Until about a year ago I was posting about 22 times a month! And now…well, I’d say it was a good month if I wrote half that. I started this with the idea that it would be Charlotte’s virtual baby book of sorts. It’s become much more than that to me since then, but like the pages of a baby book, I started out filling them furiously and have slowly waned to this. I’ll bet everyone’s baby book is a little sparse by their second year, no? But I won’t quit this thing;I enjoy it too much! And I’m still churning things out that I’m proud to have here…. Just probably more like once a week.

Moving on.

We had a very busy first week of summer! Amy came for a couple of days during the week and Ben and Christine visited on Sunday. We went to Arts Fest downtown, enjoyed lots of good food dining out, met up with our friends, the Pudwills, and Chris and I even went to a party Friday night. Charlotte had the best time with her grandparents, and Chris and I love it when they are here, too. Charlotte got to ride the merry-go-round in the mall twice, and both times she chose to ride the……sleigh. Huh? (Maybe your carousel doesn’t have sleigh. It’s basically the bench. BORING.) Grandma Amy was lucky because she actually got to sit next to Charlotte. Grandpa Ben had to stand up behind her because Charlotte was sitting with another little boy and his dad. Just writing this makes me laugh. The seat was taken but Charlotte had no problem walking right over and inching her way into the small space left over, prompting the kind dad and son to make some room. Christine has all the pictures because, suprise!, we didn’t have our camera….

In fact, we haven’t taken pictures all week. I love our camera but it is a bit cumbersome to be hauling everywhere unless we think it will be really worth it. Our small digital camera really sucks and we forget to charge the battery so it’s most often dead. The built-in camera is really the only reason I want an iphone. (Oh, and instagram. Covet!)

Let me share a few cute/funny things Charlotte has done and said the over the past ten days:

  • Putting a carrot in her nose at dinner one night: “Look, I’m a snowman!”

  • Upon waking up in the mornings: “I go to Target now?”

  • We “met” and loved this inflatable chicken when we went to Arts Fest on Friday night. And when she saw it again on Saturday, she called out to it: “Chicken, I missed you!”

  • “Bye weepool. See you tomorree!” Saying goodbye to the whirlpool as the water drains in the bath.

  • She picked up a light-colored, twisted stick during one of our walks and held it up on top of her head: “Antlers!” And yes, they really did look like antlers!
  • Sometimes she temporarily forgets how to pronounce words and will come up with her own mottled version, which is always entertaining. Tonight, she walked into her bedroom to hear her CD already playing: “Oh, nukiss!” (pronounced like ‘mucus’ with an n) In case you are wondering, she meant music. 🙂
  • Playing on her retro toy phone: Picks up. “Hello Grandma Pat. Baby cow. Big cow. Baby neigh-neigh. Big neigh-neigh. Okay, bye-bye!” Hangs up. (Every.single.time.)


The end.

Sorry no pictures. I’m going to start taking them again tomorrow, promise.


10 responses to “It’s becoming lamer by the day

  1. We love your posts and check daily! I cherished my visit with you, as always!!!

  2. Love reading about Charlotte. I know what you mean about the iPhone. It’s the best investment 🙂

  3. LOL, Katy! I think that Target statement is pretty telling about your shopping habits. 😉 What does she like about shopping there? Maggie allways loved seeing the fish at Wal-Mart when she was little, but I can’t think what Target might have to offer a two year old! haha

    • It IS telling about our shopping habits actually! But Charlotte really only likes it because the carousel is right next door in the food court of the mall (our Target is attached to the food court). I think she knows if she asks to go to Target rather than the carousel, she has a better chance that we’ll say yes. 🙂

  4. I love reading about all these things Charlotte does and say! Nukiss is very funny!!

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