It’s a love/hate thing

These two are in the business of torturing one another.


They may look sweet and cuddly in this picture, but what you can’t see is Buddy gnawing on her ponytail. Charlotte’s only laughing because she asked for it; she chased him around all morning with a push toy while declaring, “I’m gonna get you, Buddy!” Poor Buddy did not think this was fun.

This isn’t the only example of how Charlotte’s been asserting herself more lately. As of the last couple of weeks, she’s started to pull some antics at bedtime. These include her telling us I can’t sleep! as we are laying her down in her crib and asking us to fetch one more pony/dinosaur/blankie/book to add to the already large stash that she has cozied up next to her. Or sing one more song or simply say no no no as we’re closing the door. It’s still a far cry from difficult behavior to handle, but it’s certainly a change from the nights of laying her down, kissing her goodnight, and closing the door.

But I have enjoyed her recent “goodnight” addendum: Happy Halloween! She’s said this two nights now, and I find it ridiculously cute.

And now, here is a picture of Charlotte with a little basketball in front of her face. Amy and Bob were here yesterday, which got Charlotte thinking about that fun basketball hoop they have at their house. Since we don’t have one, we had to play “Mama Hoop,” which is where I stand with my arms in a circle out in front of me. Luckily, Charlotte finds Mama Hoop to be equally as fun as the real thing.



10 responses to “It’s a love/hate thing

  1. I am happy she didn’t continue to ask Daddy for more money to put into the Cowbank! I couldn’t believe that she fell asleep in my arms with “lullabies” at naptime! It made me just about stay in her room during her entire nao with her in my arms like she was a baby!

  2. She’s such a sweet little girl. And the picture with Buddy is so cute!

  3. What an incredibly darling picture with Buddy. Charlotte is growing up. So darn cute!!!

  4. I just love that little darling!

  5. I also love that pic with Buddy. The other one is adorable, too. Has Chris taught her the alley oop yet? If not, have him get moving on that one. It’s about time Charlotte learns that awesome move. 😉

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