New Lengths

You can see how long Charlotte’s hair is getting when it’s wet and combed straight.


It wasn’t part of any plan to let it grow and grow out. In fact, my favorite little girl hair cut is a short bob with bangs. So cute. Long hair has to be clipped back and gets tangly and it has to get clipped back again (times ten).

But I just haven’t been able to cut off her precious curls. She was lucky that her hair happened to grow in so nice and evenly. It didn’t come in short in one area and long in another (hello mullet!), so she just hasn’t needed me to cut it to make it look nice.  Perhaps her secret was going bald at six months before re-growing all her hair. She did that, you know. And here’s proof:

Well, close enough to bald.

Well, close enough to bald.

But back to the present…

There was a perfect little block of sunlight coming in through her bedroom window so we ran and grabbed the camera.

Who is this child? Because she doesn’t look one bit like my baby.


And I really don’t mind clipping her hair back ten (thousand) times a day.


11 responses to “New Lengths

  1. Charlotte does have gorgeous curls. I am so envious! Actually it’s a practice here in Singapore (or maybe it’s among the Chinese) to shave the baby’s head when he/she turns one month old. Apparently it’s to encourage hair growth too. I couldn’t bring myself to do it cos Aly had such little hair to begin with but everyone is saying her hair isn’t growing much until now because I didn’t shave her 😦 can’t wait for her to have long hair so I can clip it back for her!

    • I don’t think I could have shaved Charlotte’s head either! Charlotte actually lost her hair twice. She lost most of her dark newborn hair at one month and then she lost the rest of it at 6 months. So all the hair she has now is only about a year and a half old! Aly’s hair will grow sooner or later… I do like the short hair look because it makes our babies look like “babies” that much longer! They already grow up fast enough! 🙂

  2. Charlotte has such nice hair now! I shaved my son’s hair off too, now it has grown back nicely. My daughter had never cut her hair till she was 4 (only trimmed the bangs)

    • Thank you! Do you think shaving your son’s head made his hair grow in more evenly? I really think Charlotte going bald at 6 months and basically starting over with hair is why her hair grew in so well and looks nice now. Who knows though!

  3. Wow! Her hair is so long! Love that little darling.

  4. She has beautiful hair, and eyes, nose, teeth, fingers, toes……

  5. Such a cute little girl! Love the little curls! So precious I am so happy her hair came in 🙂

  6. Such pretty hair on my little granddaughter! Leave the curls! 🙂

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