New friend

For the past four nights, Charlotte has been snuggling up with this sweet new friend:




(I’m purposefully making you scroll down…)






Yes, this is my child, and she loves dinosaurs.


Charlotte has had her grandmas here to visit for the past three weekends in a row so she has been getting spoiled. My mom, Charlotte, and I were shopping in the Amana Colonies on Saturday when she spotted Sam the spinosaurus. She also got a new toy horse. Who knew that horses and dinosaurs could be friends? I found that out on the drive home, when I turned around and caught the two of them kissing in the back seat.

Chris was in Denver for a physics conference, so it was just us girls this weekend. Well, us girls and Buddy and Luna. Charlotte was thrilled to see Luna, of course. One day when she’s older, she’s going to be mad at us for sending Luna on her permanent vacation to Grammy and Papa’s house last May. But poor, anxious Buddy is much better for the move, and Luna is happy anywhere as long as there is a lap to sit on. Giving her to my parents was the best alternative to keeping her ourselves, but we do miss having our sweet little Lunabelle around!

Don't tell Buddy, but I love you the best!

Don’t tell Buddy, but I love you the best!

Anyway, I had to take some close-ups of my pretty girl.


How can I choose? They’re all my favorite!


15 responses to “New friend

  1. I love these pictures. Charlotte is such a pretty little girl! The one of her with the dinosaur is too cute! And I like her already! How unconventional it is for a girl to like dinosaurs so much. :p

    • Thank you, Zee! I think she loves dinosaurs because of her daddy’s influence. Or could be just because they are really cool! We’re having fun watching her personality come out more and more.

  2. I can tell that she’s going to be one spunky girl. I really like the picture of her and Luna! She’s a gorgeous little girl 🙂

  3. I love the pointing picture! That’s really awesome. She’s a cutie!

    • Thanks, Rachael! It only takes five hundred pictures before I get a good one, so I guess I was really lucky that day!

      • I totally understand that! I swear, I get questions all the time about whether or not my kiddo is actually happy. After 50 billion pictures, I might get her smile, otherwise she’s cute, but somber. LOL

  4. Ohhhhh Katy, she is your mini me! Picture #2 is soooooo you!

  5. LOL….Charlotte is such a ham at times. That second pic! haha! So darn cute.

  6. Hi there, I’ve just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂 To find out how to accept it, pls go to

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