A cheater’s guide to the Easter basket

Happy Easter!

We don’t do much on Easter since our families live out of town and everyone else we know here have their own families to celebrate with. That’s okay, though. We enjoy the quiet Sundays that our Easters have been. Last year we dressed Charlotte in a dress but didn’t leave the house. This year we left the house to go to HyVee.

This morning, Chris and I hid some plastic eggs around the house and encouraged Charlotte to look for them. She was much more interested in opening each egg the moment she found it and eating the contents than putting it into her basket and looking for more. I think her priorities are actually spot on.


The small plastic eggs were filled with trail mix and a couple of jelly beans, but Chris and I are still laughing about what else we put in her Easter basket. She has two jumbo-sized eggs that can fit small gifts, and we filled one of them with a cereal bar and the other with one of her toy horses. She’s two; she doesn’t know that toys she already owns aren’t supposed to wind up in her Easter basket. She was totally thrilled to find “Papa neigh-neigh” hiding in the egg. And girlfriend really does love cereal bars. We figure we’ll milk this stage while we can.

Frankly, we’ve been skimping on her gifts her entire life so far. For her first Christmas, we figured our gifts to her were a successful childbirth and keeping her alive another day (she was two weeks old). And the next two years she got so many presents from grandparent, aunts, uncles, great-grandparents, etc., that we only felt the need to give her one gift (mainly so we wouldn’t feel guilty). The same is true for her birthdays. I just don’t feel the need to contribute any more to the Toys R Us that our house has already become.

I actually started a thread on Hellobee earlier today to see if any other parents filled an Easter basket like we did. And yes, they do! One mom said she gave her son a gift he already received for Christmas. Another mom gave her daughter stuffed animals from her toy box, and another said she gave her son food he’d normally eat. LOL!

Whether you love to shower your children with real gifts or fake gifts, it’s all good in my book as long as your day is spent together. I hope you had a great one!


Here is Charlotte listening to music from her “computer.” She really loves to “feel” the emotion of each song….



16 responses to “A cheater’s guide to the Easter basket

  1. You are definitely not alone. We did get Punky some Christmas presents and I haven’t yet wrapped her existing presents, but I know parents who have. It’s totally cool. We got her 2 birthday presents, which are really things she ‘needed’ so we wouldn’t feel guilty about not getting her anything. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all! I filled Punky’s eggs with cereal puffs and she was oh, so excited! 😛

  2. Way to go, Katy and Chris! Looked like a fun day to me! I love her sad song face! LOL

  3. These pictures of Charlotte are too cute! And I love those PJs!!

  4. We dumped Madeline at the grandparents’ house while we last minute’d her Easter basket. Since she already had so many Easter egg hunts, we left her eggs empty. Would have put some goldfish or cheerios in them, but I was feeling sick. Happy Easter!

    • Goldfish and Cheerios are a good idea. We probably should have left her eggs empty for her egg hunt so that she would have been interested in playing along! haha, oh well! Miss you guys!

      • We’ll put together an Easter Egg Hunt next year for these 2. Miss you guys too! John has to work on Saturday 12-10pm. Boo!

  5. She is a little angel. Loved this post, made me laugh, especially the mom who put in food that her son would normally eat. 🙂

  6. Visiting from Decor & The Dog’s blog party! This was hilarious–you could probably give me stuff I already owned and I’d barely notice. The fun part is finding it all anyhow. My friends hold an Easter dinner (for, um, all adults) and still hide an Easter basket per couple. I love finding them, so he always makes mine extra hard. This year it was in a bowl on top of the china cabinet, but I was still totally excited for a dollar spot tin with a plastic egg of jelly beans!

    • That sounds like an awesome dinner party! I’d totally be into that, too. Three years ago me and all my childless friends had an Easter brunch complete with dying eggs and an outdoor Easter egg hunt. It was way too much fun. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  7. Hahahahaha I LOVE her “sad song face” — too cute!

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