Kids say the darndest things

So get this:

I just put Charlotte to bed, and when I turned off the light she called out from her crib, “Too dark!” My reply: “It’s okay, you’ll get used to it.”  And then I shut the door the behind me.

That was it. She talked to herself for about two minutes and then conked out.

Are you kidding me?! I am one (cold-hearted) lucky mama.

But enough with my bragging. What I really want to share is this: I think we are finally entering that stage I’ve been waiting for since way before I even had a kid – The stage when your child says hilarious things. I’ve been planning to laugh my head off at all the cute/funny things my children say and then write them all down so I never forget and can laugh about it with them when they’re 15, 20, 40, etc. So here’s my feeble attempt to get started on that lofty goal of mine.

I came home for lunch today to find Charlotte bouncing around our family room with her babysitter, Annalyse. She was so giddy and excited, even after Annalyse revealed what went down after bath time a few minutes earlier: Charlotte peed on her bedroom floor. She actually went to the corner of her room, rather than the little toilet we keep right in there, and let it all out.

This is really no big deal to me, but we try to make everything a learning experience around here, so I asked Charlotte, “Where did you go tinkle?”

And Charlotte replies (still bouncing, still giddy), “I tinkle on floor!” She was so happy!

“Uh oh, where are you supposed to go tinkle?” I ask her.

“I supposed tinkle on pony!” she says, and bounces over to pet Dallas.

Then Annalyse and I laughed our heads off. End scene.


Later, we had brussel sprouts and fish for dinner. It was just Charlotte and I since Chris had to work (sad face), and I had pulled her high chair up to our little kitchen table so we could eat together. I served up our meals and then sat down.

“Look!” Charlotte says, pointing to the brussel sprouts on my plate. “Dinosaur poop!”


I’ll leave you with this short video clip of Charlotte talking on her telephone. Chris and I were glad we grabbed the camera. Is it bad to laugh at your child as they are playing?




7 responses to “Kids say the darndest things

  1. Too cute!!! Can’t wait for Aly to start “talking” too! And it’s a great idea to record these conversations. I read a couple of mum blogs with these conversations and they really crack me up!

  2. Haha, you are going to treasure these moments (as you already know!!) She is just about the cutest thing ever, btw!

  3. Wow…she eats brussel sprouts AND fish? Yippee! What a cute little video!

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