Charlotte Says, Episode 1

I interviewed Charlotte today….

…be prepared for some snort-laughing. (Or maybe that’s just me.)


10 responses to “Charlotte Says, Episode 1

  1. Her language is sure developing nicely! She is a stitch!!! Her hair must be getting long….love it up!!!

    • Thank you! I usually need to translate so other people can understand her. 🙂 Her hair is much longer than it looks…when her curls are wet down her hair reaches far past her shoulders!

  2. hahahahahahahaha Nose picking at the end!!! You’re all boys! LOL LOL

  3. LOL…how darling! Can’t wait to see all of you this week! xoxo

  4. Can’t get enough of this little doll! She’s a riot…and really talking more and more!

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