Lucky Leprechaun

A day later….

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from this little leprechaun!


She (and we) had a great time visiting the grandparents this weekend. St. Patrick’s day was spent with Amy, Bob, and Mike, where Charlotte enjoyed her own little Irish Easter basket from Nana, lots of games of basketball in the kitchen, The Little Engine That Could, and playing with her neigh neighs.

The highlight for Chris and I was probably dinner because Amy always brings it in the kitchen. (Wait, that sounds weird. I was trying to say that she’s an excellent cook.) We had boiled shrimp, mushroom and spinach ravioli, warm bread, and beets (Charlotte’s fave). For desert we had caramel cheesecake and fresh fruit. I think I gained five pounds yesterday. Worth it.

Today, Charlotte had playtime with Nana, and then we all went to lunch for her birthday before hitting the road for home.

Typical me, I didn’t take many pictures of the weekend, so I’ll leave you with another shot of Charlotte the leprechaun. Though she’s not looking quite as convincing. 🙂

Really, Mom? Really?

Really, Mom? Really?


Stay tuned for another post about the first part of our weekend…There may be some baby cows involved. Eeee!




4 responses to “Lucky Leprechaun

  1. Charlotte’s such a cutie!! Sounds like an amazing weekend 🙂

  2. She’s so ADORABLE!!!

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