Thumb print bunny-love

Let me just preface this post by saying that I just spent an hour and a half editing these photos instead of watching the season finale of The Bachelor. What is wrong with me??

Actually, this is only because we still don’t have a TV, so I have to watch all my shows the next day online. I can’t wait to see who Sean picks to marry and live happily ever after with. (Or just date for the next two months. Whatever.) No spoilers please!


Charlotte and I made a simple and cute Easter craft on Saturday. I pinned this picture last year right after Easter, and mentally demanded that I remember to try this with Charlotte next time.

Thanks to Pinterest (follow me!), I actually remembered, and now we have these cute little thumbprint bunnies to gaze at for the rest of the month.

BunnyPrintCollage(No, my wall is not fifty shades of yellow. It’s actually tan. This is just me playing around with my photo editing. Clearly, I need some practice.)

The link from Pinterest doesn’t lead to a tutorial but rather a series of pictures of other bunny-themed craft ideas. (At least, this is what I imagine since the website is actually written in another language). Point being, we had to figure this one out ourselves. Good thing it’s entirely self-explanatory.

Step one: Gather supplies. We used some washable craft paint, a single brush for painting fingers, and thick white paper.

Step two: Paint your toddler’s thumb and pointer finger.

Step three: Wipe the paint she just smeared all over her face.

Step four: Re-paint Toddler’s fingers, don’t let go of her arm, then press her fingers onto the page for her. (Thumbs for bodies, pointers for heads)

Repeat until you get at least one that looks like it could pass for a bunny. This may take awhile.

Step five: Wipe the paint off your toddler’s face.

Step six: Take off Toddler’s clothes (actually, this should be Step Zero), put her in a highchair, and give her the paint, a brush, and blank paper to keep her entertained while you hand-paint the ears and tails.

Step seven: Cut around your bunnies in a cute little shape, hole-punch, and string ’em up!

Step eight: Learn how to use your camera so you can take a much better picture than I did:

Ta-da!  I swear, this is cute in real life.


(Please excuse the fact that I have no idea how to decorate a shelf/mantel/table/any flat surface and just place random objects in spaces that look empty to me, hence the stick-ball.)

Step nine: Photograph Toddler looking adorable in her war paint:


PS: In first grade I had my birthday party at a ceramics studio. We painted these bunnies. I still think it’s totally adorable,  and I will keep it forever (and also probably force Charlotte to display it in her bedroom at some point).



9 responses to “Thumb print bunny-love

  1. So darn cute! What fun! I will admit I watched the Bachelor finale. My guilty pleasure. It was a pretty good one!

  2. Those thumb print bunnies are adorable! Save them! We still have John’s ceramic bunny too. (remember, he tagged along at that party! 🙂 That was one of many themed birthday parties you enjoyed. So much fun…Oh, and I’m ignoring the fact that you watch such dribble on TV. ha ha!

  3. TOO CUTE! I wish I was crafty!

  4. Did I pick you and John up from that party? I seem to remember that for some silly reason! I do remember that bunny.

  5. I think I helped your mom pick up party goers from another party, not that one that I recall. Anyway…good times! 🙂

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