Pinterest Fail

A crafting blog this is not.

Sure, I enjoy crafts, and I do share some of them here. But this is mostly because I think it’s fun to take pictures of the stuff I make and put ’em on the internet. It’s called I’d Rather Do This Than Something That Actually Needs To Get Done Syndrome.

Today, school was cancelled due to snow and ice. Chris went off to work and Charlotte and I were stranded at home because our driveway hadn’t been shoveled. This afternoon, Charlotte gifted me with a three hour nap, and I was actually very productive. I graded 17 poetry book assignments and cleaned up our endlessly atrocious looking mess of a kitchen (I may be exaggerating).

Then Charlotte and I baked cookies. But we didn’t have eggs so I used an egg substitute powder. And we didn’t have butter so I used grapeseed oil. They turned out weird. But Charlotte liked them = success.

After all this productivity, I was still a little bored. This is when I decided to get crafty. I painted a little red lampshade green last weekend in an effort to phase out the burgundy/red from our living room. It looked like this:


I should have left it. It was fine.

But I get grand ideas from Pinterest and saw so many cute lampshades with fun geometric patterns, like this:

And my mind said: Oh I wanna do that!

However, I don’t have any geometric stencils. All I have is a paint pen and a straight edge. So I did this:


From far away it doesn’t look that bad…..Though it would be a stretch to say it looks good.

Close up you can see that my lines are wonky. As it turns out, I can’t make straight lines even when drawing against an edge. And the curve of this lamp shade makes my overlapping diamonds look awkward. It took me a surprisingly long time to draw those pathetically lackluster lines.

Since my lampshade looks nowhere near as cute as the inspiration I had pinned, I’m going to chalk this one up to a…


So, while Chris and Charlotte are off picking up some food, I’m here painting over my failed craft with the green paint again.

And the moral of the story is: This is not a crafting blog.


(But I’m still going to share my crafting (mis)adventures when I have them. Lucky you!)

Maybe I’ll try copying this technique next….  🙂 


9 responses to “Pinterest Fail

  1. Pinterest is so dangerous! I’m always so inspired by that website but it’s always at 11pm and I don’t have half the supplies but I try anyway, I think I’m the queen of Pinterest fails. The lace stencil looks super cute though! I hope it works for you

    • Having the wrong/not enough supplies is my problem, too! Okay, that and a lack of artistic ability. The lace is adorable, but, of course, I have own no lace and will have to go buy some. Maybe I’ll get to that eventually. 🙂

  2. Aww, lol! I love a good Pinterest Fail!! 😉 It doesn’t look bad, just …not that good. I may just not be a fan of the color. At any rate, keep crafting! 😀

    • Exactly! It’s not horrible, just…”meh.” I painted over it already. The color doesn’t bother me as much as the red did, but that’s probably because I wanted to use something I already had at home so I didn’t have another option besides pastel pink or purple. haha

  3. I’ve painted lamp shades too! They looked horrible! LOL Yours are darling.

  4. This is a cute post. Keep at it – Invest in a glue gun 🙂

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