On the days I wear my “fancy” shoes (you know, the ones that click), Charlotte runs into her room to grab hers,and then begs us to put them on her right then.

I call them her clickies, so she does, too. Surprisingly, Chris bought her these high heels on a whim at Kid Works (a local consignment shop) a few months ago. All I could do when he showed them to me was laugh: You bought our one year-old high heels? See, it’s funny.

The first time she put them on, her feet were slipping out from under her with nearly every step. She walked so cautiously, trying to keep her legs straight with each step (as if that would help). It was hilarious and sad. But by the time she wore them to my cousin Greg and his new wife Katie’s wedding reception just before Christmas, Charlotte was a high heel pro.

She was mighty comfortable dancing, running, and wrestling the night away with three of her cousins.


(How have I not posted these pictures yet? I mean, how adorable!)

Tonight, Charlotte was dancing around the kitchen in her clickies and I had the brilliant idea to grab the camera for a little live video action. The dancing video is okay, but she took a lot of breaks to drink milk, so I thought I’d try again.

Well, she was done with dancing by the time I pressed Record the second time around (of course), but I got something even better. Here is my daughter, making some music and making me laugh:


8 responses to “Clickies

  1. LOL! The pictures with Logan, Declan and Aiden. You must share those with Colleen! Our little girl has a musical ear. I tell ya…she was on key when singing with me!

  2. This Ole Man has never sounded so cute!!! She is precious!!

  3. She’s going to be a singing cowboy tap dancer!! LOL

  4. Oh, and wrestler too!! ❤

  5. Had she just watched Tulip before making her musical masterpiece??

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