Sunday Escape

The end of Charlotte’s snot-flooding snot fest (or, her cold) is in sight after a long, messy week. This weekend brought some warmer weather, a visit from Amy/Nana, and a happier, healthier little girl!

On Sunday, we went to the Iowa Children’s Museum, and Charlotte was truly hilarious. There is a fish tank right in the entryway, and after about ten minutes of watching the fish, I was afraid we might not even make it inside. Apparently, the fish alone were worth the trip. (However, the same cannot be said for the turtle. Turtles are terrifying.)

There is a cute little pretend grocery store complete with carts, cash registers, and all the plastic food you can imagine grouped in their appropriate grocery store location. (The pretend grocery store is the only thing I remember about the children’s museum I went to as a kid, and I seriously had dreams about how much fun it was. Ahhh, youth.) After grabbing a cart, I assumed Charlotte would toss as many items as she could inside, but she was surprisingly deliberate about her choices. Although she slowly perused each “aisle” and carefully inspected all her options, she settled on only a few key selections. Behold:

(Cheese and pie.)

Oh, but just before leaving the store she saw the bakery section, and decided she wanted every single piece of bread, baguette, bagel, and pastry in sight. And she decided she wanted to take them from the back of the display, because it was clearly more fun to have to stick her head and arm all the way through, like this:


After the grocery store, Charlotte put on a show. Stage fright? What’s that?

Next, Charlotte met a cow. It was love at first moo. We spent about thirty minutes with this cow. Hugging it, petting it, milking it, staring at it. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Good thing there was a bench nearby for Amy and I.


Charlotte loved the crowded train room (oops no pictures) where she could play with toy trains while watching an electric one circle around a track. And finally, we sat in some airplanes. Again, we could have spent the entire afternoon in here, too. I’ve never seen her so happy just to sit in something for such a long period of time. Future pilot?


It was great to get out this weekend, and we loved sharing the day with Nana. Poor Chris had to stay behind and work. He’s been gone a lot more lately now that he’s in more of a hurry to finish up school than we’d previously planned. Most days I go to work, then he goes to work, he comes home for an hour at dinner before going back to work, then I go to bed, and then, finally, he comes home. I miss him. In fact, tonight I decided that it would be really nice if we could all just be a stay-at-home family. You know, get some Post-it Note royalties, or something. I could go for that life.


11 responses to “Sunday Escape

  1. Looks like a successful trip. We’re always up for an ICM playdate. Madeline loves the turtle though. šŸ™‚ Go figure. But yes, the train room is very popular with Madeline. It’s awesome!

  2. That little doll just doesn’t have enough fun, huh? šŸ˜‰ What a delightful little sweetheart! Give her hugs and kisses from Grammy. Glad you and Amy had such a fun day!

  3. Oh…and we have to get rid of Charlotte’s fear of turtles. Marge’s feelings will be hurt…

  4. Cheese and pie, what more could you want? šŸ™‚

  5. I just want to squeeze that little honey! Yes! Let’s go with Sadie this summer!

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