Hey Girl

Who doesn’t love a good Hey Girl meme?

When I saw that there is a Hey Girl link party featuring none other than our own dearest husbands, I couldn’t resist joining in.

Welcome to my fantasy.






And to answer your burning question: Yes, it is true that Chris actually leaves the house late at night to get me cake, just not every night (unfortunately for him since he loves doing it so much). It’s like he’s married to a pregnant lady all the time. Lucky him!

Oh wait, no. That would be lucky me. πŸ™‚

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17 responses to “Hey Girl

  1. Those are great!

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  3. You got yourself a winner there, honey! (and he’s pretty darn lucky himself!) Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! xoxox

  4. My husband once went out late at night and got me a KITCHEN AID STAND MIXER. Womp.

  5. Yep, you are both winners! XO

  6. I know one man for sure who can relate to how awesome it is to be married to someone who is always right!


  7. Haha… This is funny! Great idea!

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