It’s starting to get ridiculous

We’re starting to amass a whole herd of horses around here.

First there was this guy:


Then this lovely little family:


Then came the bodyless Horse-Head-on-a-Stick:


And some more and some more and some more (including the “Mimi neigh neighs,” the “Papa neigh neighs,” the My Little Pony knock-offs (haha), and some stuffed dudes):


Then Honey joined the crew:


Followed by this fun fellow:


And now, meet “Dallas:”

She is a little afraid to ride it now after nearly sliding off this afternoon, but she’s plenty happy just to stand nearby and stare…and pet…and talk to it. I think it’s safe to say that Charlotte is in love.



12 responses to “It’s starting to get ridiculous

  1. Unfortunately, we’ve already had to “put a few horses away” after they suspiciously broke their legs! you know, laminitis and pneumonia were going to set in… 😉

  2. Oh my gosh – that last picture with the hearts – she’s such a KID now. And yes she looks a ton like Chris, but I tooootally see you there.

  3. If our house is a toys r us. I think yours qualify as a stable. Hahaha! Cute Charlotte!

  4. Yes, that last pic of her. She looks like a “kid” now! So darling. Love her coral of neigh neighs!

  5. Oh how adorable!!! She must be in heaven! What a precious pic with Grandpa Ben.

  6. What a GREAT picture of Charlotte and her Grandpa!

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