Our Saturday

Our Saturday in bullet points.

  • Two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (“Peejelly?” she asks, while carrying the entire loaf of bread into the family room.)
  • A twenty minute nap (“All done! All done!”)
  • Mama and Daddy go to work (Taking turns, of course. We don’t trust Buddy to babysit quite yet.)
  • Reaching up to touch my chest during a diaper change and saying, “Mama has boobs, too!” (Shoot, now she knows my secret.)
  • Nap round two (This time, she sleeps an hour and a half. Mama gets to enjoy some quiet time on Pinterest…and fold laundry.)
  • An hour-long phone convo with a best friend (Hi Muff!)
  • A trip to the grocery store to push the kid-sized “baby” cart (Wait, did I say push? I meant rocketing through the store like a madwoman child while squealing weeeeee!)
  • A giant cookie for dinner because Mama and Daddy just couldn’t say no when she asked so very nicely at the store. (Dinner was rounded out with broccoli and a clementine at home, fyi.)
  • Reading on her potty before bed (More reading and less potty most nights.)
  • Getting a little teary-eyed when the baby bear and his blanket fall off the bed in her story (Oh honey!)
  • Pretending to be a monkey by walking on both her hands and feet and oooh-oooh-aah-aahing around the house (There is a hilarious video, but it is far too inappropriate for the internet as she was stark naked and her baby bum was way up in the air. Just picture it though — hilarious.)
  • Finally getting into bed with two dogs, an elephant, three blankies, five horses, and a rubber duck (and a partridge in a pear tree)

I’d say we had a pretty good day.


One response to “Our Saturday

  1. 🙂 Very good day.

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