Tight Rein

We’ve all seen them before. In the mall, at an amusement park, out walking the streets of your own downtown. The mom or dad, the brightly colored leashes attached to…..Surprise! It’s not a dog! I’m talking about kids on leashes, people. Leashes for our children. Leashes that young children wear strapped to their back or waist or wherever so that parents can always keep them a leash-length away.

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They are something we all love to hate. And laugh about. And swear up and down and we would never do that to our child. Am I right?

Sometimes, though, I think those kid-leash inventors were really on to something. The thing about toddlers, is that they are QUICK…. and stupid. They don’t think about getting lost or abducted or run over by a truck. Moms think about those things, and thus, the kid-leash. No, I don’t have one for Charlotte. So far I can handle her attempts to dash away because I only have her to look out for. But if I had two or three littles, maybe I would consider that Kid Keeper Safety Harness? (But, Lord, I hope not.) 

But listen, I don’t have kid-leashes on my mind tonight for no reason. The reason I’m writing this is because I think my daughter could be America’s Next Top Leash Child Model.

My parents came to visit this weekend and brought along their dog, Luna (who was actually our dog – long story). Charlotte was in heaven having Luna here. Charlotte and Luna were always buds back before Luna took a permanent vacation to the grandparents house back in May. And although I don’t think Charlotte remembers having Luna here, she’s certainly picked up right where she left off in the love department for that cute pup. There were kisses and hugs and Dr. Charlotte appointments scheduled all weekend.

This morning, Charlotte discovered Luna’s leash. And then this happened:



The giddy circles she made around the family room made us all terribly happy, because look how cute she is and the sound of her laughter was just as sweet as sugar. We were laughing, too, because a kid on dog leash is funny. I really wish I had gotten this on video.

When Luna (and Papa and Grammy/Mom<–Yes, Charlotte calls my mom “Mom”) had to leave, Charlotte had a hard time saying goodbye. We made it a little easier by allowing her to walk Luna out on the leash.

I’ll never cease to be amazed at the ways our child entertains us. I remember the early days when Chris and I would laugh and laugh just when she laughed. And then it was when she had a messy face and danced to Lady Gaga. And now it’s nearly everything. How can you even stop smiling for one second when you have a kid like Charlotte (or yours!) to keep you laughing every day?


10 responses to “Tight Rein

  1. I love that shirtless wonder!

  2. The shirtless dog walker!

  3. Look at how young and cute Grammy/mom is! Topless Charlotte is always a cutie. (that sounded wrong, didn’t it? Well, maybe not in Charlotte’s case.)

  4. Haha My Chris had to be on a leash for a long time! Sometimes, I think his mom still has him on it 😉

  5. LOL…that little cutie on a leash…shirtless! She is such a funny little one!

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