Baby Steps

I’ve been home with Charlotte for the past two days snuggling on the couch, watching movies, reading library books, and taking three hour naps (her, not me, unfortunately). Charlotte has a cold that’s been knocking her out during the day, and I’m, well…you know. Boo.

So, there’s not much to report around here. Amy came for a visit on Sunday and stayed overnight, Buddy got his teeth cleaned by the vet, and Chris has been Super Dad taking care of pretty much everything.

Oh, and Charlotte pooped on the floor today. And peed. Twice.

We’ve still got a ways to go in the potty training department.



10 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. Aww, I hope your days perk up! Don’t worry about the potty (or lackthereof!) accidents. When they’re sick and they haven’t yet *really* gotten it yet completely, that’s a pretty much a given. HUGS! Hope she feels better soon. xx

  2. Pooping on the floor is fun mom!!! I’m sending you positive vibes and lots of hugs!

  3. Chris pooped on the back porch/patio when he was Charlotte’s age and then stepped in it, and tracked it into the house crying over his “poopy” feet. If you have “bad mom” feelings, the side note is that he went outside on his own when his mom was not looking, so “sh**.”

    • Haha! That’s hilarious! I’ll have to ask Chris whether he remembers this. 🙂 As for feeling bad about it, she was on Chris’s watch, so that’s all on him! lol

      (But I’m the one who let her pee on the floor, twice. 🙂 )

  4. Greg had some pooping accidents in Jeremy Seith’s back yard during his potty training time. Good thing the Seith’s were such good friends. Mrs. Seith even hosed him down with the garden hose! lol… (yes, it was during the hot summer months)

  5. hahahaha the post and the comments made me laugh so hard! hahahhaha too funny

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