The Haunted Bookshop

The other night we stopped into a local used bookstore, awesomely called The Haunted Bookshop. The organization of the tall shelves in the all the tiny interconnected rooms make for a very corn maze-like experience. There are two cats who live there, and it is always fun to spot them snoozing in a chair, scampering atop the shelves, or lounging among the stuffed animals in the front window.

Charlotte loves this bookstore because it has a great toy animal collection, of both the stuffed and plastic varieties. There are lifelike puppets and adorable figurines, all for sale and easily accessible for kids to play with (without the obligation of purchasing!). While she is busy falling in love with her favorite animal du jour, Chris and I have a chance to peruse the quirky children’s books. This is one of the many reasons we love this place. Sure, you can find the usuals here (like Clifford, Curious George, Olivia, etc.), but Chris and I think the nonfiction section is where it’s at. We’ve scored some gems.

Like this,


and these,


For $2.50 each (which we know is more expensive than a garage sale, where you’d expect to find books like this, but we get to support local business so it’s worth the extra pennies).

Average date of publication: approx. 1985.

Charlotte loves these books, too. Dinosaurs are a recent obsession, so the colorful dinosaur pop-up book has provided her tons of entertainment. It’s also been a great distraction for her when she really wants to watch Dinosaur Train on TV. (Thank you, Haunted Bookshop.) She loves to go through the pages and create dinosaur families out of the random species on each page.  The smallest she calls baby di-sos, the pink or red/nice looking larger ones are Mama di-sos, and the blue/green/purple/brown/largest/most ferocious are the Daddy di-sos. I swear, we did not teach her this.


Books reallyreallyreally are the most funnestest way to learn ever. And it’s been so fun for us to see Charlotte enjoying them so much. May this always be the way, Little Girl.


5 responses to “The Haunted Bookshop

  1. Best teaching tool ever! You were so in love with books growing up. Still are, I hope!

  2. I told my 12 yr old daughter (avid reader and writer) about the bookstore and she got huge eyes and said “Ok, I HAVE to go there!!” lol It sounds great!

  3. That’s awesome! I wish we had one of those out here!

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