Open Wide

I’m keeping it short and simple tonight because I have a hot date scheduled with Downton Abbey in ten minutes that pretty much reigns above everything else in my life right now. (I. CAN’T. WAIT!)

But I need to mention that Charlotte had her first trip to the dentist this morning! As with most of her appointments, I did not get to go to this one, and I only thought for Chris to bring the camera along after they had already left the house. But just visualize in your mind our cute little Charlotte perched in the tan vinyl dental chair, pursing her lips shut as tightly as possible as soon as the doctor asks to see her teeth. I’m smiling, how about you?

There was no poking and prodding around her mouth at this appointment, but the dentist did confirm that Charlotte does indeed have teeth, so that’s reassuring I guess.

And Charlotte was sent home with a “goodie bag” containing a miniature blue and red toothbrush, (disgusting) sparkly blue toothpaste (if you grew up in the nineties, you know this flavor), and a floating fish bath toy for good measure.

Sounds like a successful trip to the dentist to me!



6 responses to “Open Wide

  1. I am now thinking that all dentists should offer photo sessions available to first (and any) time patients whose parents forget their camera!!!! LOL
    A new business venture?

  2. Stephanie wet her pants and the vinyl chair on her first trip!!

  3. Yeah for Downton Abbey!! And dentists. Liv has her first coming up, too and to comment on your previous post, I HOPE that we are on our way to underpants as well! Oh, toddlers.

    • Good luck at the dentist! It seems like kind-of a waste of money to have my kid sit in a chair for ten minutes refusing to open her mouth, but oh well. Hopefully Liv won’t be so “shy.” 🙂

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